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David Armitage

The job review and measurements were done promptly on site with an excellent conversation about the scope of the work, goals and objectives.

An approximate job cost was provided with follow up on more specifics following by email a few days later. We were provided with Granite yard providers and visited them to make our counter and back splash selections.Avery took care of all of the specifics on granite movement, cutting and preparation.

The job was completed per their timeline (which was a fantastic job by the crew) in an efficient time frame of 2 days. The work was completed in a clean, respectful and efficient manner.

We couldn't be happier with the quality of work and the Avery matching up our desires with reality!

Deborah George

This was a very positive experience.  All involved, right down to the workers who cleaned up, were very professional and courteous. The down time, where I had no kitchen was minimal, and work progressed right on schedule.  The cabinets are high end, and well worth the money. I was consulted every inch of the way, as to my preferences.  The installation was done with expertise and a lot of creativity.  I can not speak highly enough about Javiar, our installer and day to day do everything man. When the wine cooler would not fit (my fault), he did a little on the spot redesigning and made it work.  When we were undecided about a back splash design, he made suggestions that we had not thought about, and ended up really liking what he suggested, and went with it.  He was invaluable. The design suggestions made by Keith and Jason, made it a very attractive and functional kitchen, with pull outs and all sorts of conveniences.  It made me feel a part of process when they also did their best to accommodate my ideas.  They definitely have a "Can do"  attitude. Avery completed all that was in the contract, and more. They knocked themselves out to see to it that we stayed within our budget, while giving us an exceptional kitchen and baths.

Cheryl Cook

All work that was done was handled professionally with great care. I was extremely pleased with how the room addtion turned out. They made sure that the electrical wiring was done correctly and definitely listened to what and how I wanted things to be done.

On the whole, they did a really great job. I would definitely use them again if needed.

Bret Rider

A few notes on our bathroom remodel…it was a complete gut down to the studs and bare cement floor and in the case of the shower and tub, new cement floors. It was an extensive job and we are very happy with the work. We got four quotes, three from local contractors and one from our favorite store, the one with orange aprons on the staff. All the quotes were in the same ballpark with Avery being 2nd to lowest and the store being the highest. We chose Avery as he has his own employees versus subs do most of the work and his cabinets are all custom made versus boxes that are customized.

The process for all is the same, somebody measures the room, somebody comes with a prelim drawing and then manipulates the drawing on a computer, a final cost is quoted plus a shopping list. Make no mistake the shopping list will add about a third of the cost or more if you go high end on fixtures and tile. Avery has a list of vendors that will work with you on all the purchases and make sure they not only fit the budget but the job as well. This might be our only real complaint as the list was available but wasn't highlighted to us. Jason told us about a vendor for the fixtures and we dealt with them but we found our own tile vendors and a few other sources as we didn't know he had relationships with some already. A word to the wise for anyone thinking about a total bath remodel…you will not be able to use the room for 5-6 weeks, you will have a dumpster parked in your drive for about half that time and if tile removal is involved everything in the house will be covered in dust. That being said, when Jason Avery and crew are finished you will forget the dust, the dumpster and the down time. They were VERY careful in trying to keep the mess to a minimum and protect our other floors. With the exception of the unavoidable dust they did an admirable job. We only had two minor errors and while both added a few days to the process they were both corrected to our satisfaction and at no cost to us.

Jason worked with us on the initial design and helped us come back to earth on our expectations (the 6'+ claw foot tub really wouldn't work in the space available) and gave us plenty of options to express ourselves. He told us upfront he wouldn't tell us something was possible if it wasn't. Those errors notwithstanding the work done exceeded our expectations. I laid out a pretty detailed plan for the tile work and Brian (our primary craftsman) matched it perfectly except for a few minor details where he first suggested different options and got approval and in all of those the details improved the plan. Brian was on time every day and worked a solid day every day he was on site. The electricians were thorough and worked hard as well. All required code was met and inspectors were shown all work. Keith was the project manager and we saw him at all the right points in the process and was always responsive to our questions. At no time did we feel that someone wasn't listening to what we had to say. Actually, they had to ask for feedback as we felt things were going pretty much as planned and weren't all that demanding of their time. When the work was final he gave us a week to ten days to use the room and come up with a "punch list" of things to be redone. We found few minor things and Brian come back and corrected all of them. Overall, I can and have recommended Avery Construction for any bath or kitchen remodel. We are planning on redoing our kitchen in a few ( 3 or more) years and we'll call Avery Construction first.

Yvonne Varga

We updated our kitchen, had it completely removed of all cabinets, countertops and ceiling overhang (shelving).  Jason Avery did a great job of helping me create a new kitchen from scratch.  He laid out the whole kitchen on his computer so I could see how it would look and make any changes before starting. He is very good at suggesting  what will look good and work and what won't.  The process of installing the kitchen went well and I had a working kitchen in just under 3 weeks.  We had cherry cabinets and granite countertops installed.  The cabinets are beautiful and of great quality.  They did a great job installing everything. I would recommend them for any type of home improvement job.

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