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Susanna Madden

Jason and I both text a lot, so we stayed in touch all the way through the process. All of his "subs" are very courteous and clean, excellent "bedside manner" so to speak.

I texted him each time new ones came in to tell him (Jason) how they were doing, and he liked the feedback...but it was all good! They were so careful not to "mess up" my house as they went along, and they would come to ask my opinion on things, to be sure what they did was to my liking. (How's THAT for customer service?!)

I came around the corner one day, and the man who had put in new lighting in the upstairs bathroom was vacuuming down my stairs! (He was even using his own vacuum cleaner.) Of course I texted that to Jason, and told him how much I appreciated it. He texted back that he expected his guys to be very clean, that he always tells them to be very careful and treat people's home like they would treat their own home, or even better.

My home was built in the early 90's, and it was due for some modernization. It now looks so much better, and Jason Avery's
subcontractors are very talented. They sure got the job done right. Another thing: they are on time. They show up when they are supposed to. That doesn't happen every day with people working in your home, and everyone knows that. But with Jason Avery's subs, it did.

JASON AVERY CONSTRUCTION is one I would refer to anyone without hesitation. Jason is a true professional who understood my concerns from Day 1, quoted me a price that seemed fair, and got right to the job. He checked in frequently to be sure everything was being done correctly and that I was happy, which I always was.
Jason is honest and fair, and reachable any time I would call or text him with a question or concern.

He gets a A+ in Customer Service.

I will repeat again in those same two words, the experience I had with Jason Avery Construction on the fairly extensive remodel on my home: NO NEGATIVES.

I have to say more than that: ALL POSITIVES.
THANK YOU JASON. I'm glad I ran into you at the home show in Tampa a couple years ago.

Patricia Morrison

The hardworking construction crew did excellent work, paying close attention to detail and accuracy.  Any glitches that occurred were resolved promptly and courteously.  I was very concerned that my existing tile floor would suffer damage during the process, but they exercised due care and no tiles were broken.

Mr. Avery was readily available via phone and immediately responsive to any concerns or problems we expressed. The work was completed in 6 weeks, exactly as estimated prior to commencement.

My only negative comment would be that there were a few days when I was not told that workers were scheduled for another job site and would not be coming.

The kitchen is absolutely beautiful and the family room wall looks like it was part of the original building plan. This is a very professional, ethical company to deal with. My husband and I are very pleased with the final product.

Dean Millard

Jason's design was spot-on, and the project cost exactly what he said it would, with no surprises. John, the construction foreman, and his helper, Gage, were polite, precise, and professional.  All work occurred on or ahead of schedule, and I got an explanation every day of what had been done so far, a detailed plan for the following day, and a summary of what would happen on the days after.

Jason also connected me with a granite provider and reliable tile distributor.  There are many decisions to be made when you undertake a project of this magnitude.  Besides the tile and granite, there are fixtures (e.g. towel rack, faucets, shower head, etc.), lighting, cabinetry, etc., but Jason gave me a clear and detailed list, as well as advice on where to look for each item.

With any project this size, there will be some unexpected glitches.  With me, it was the shower door.  The original door delivered was not the right size, but the glass contractor admitted the mistake, took full responsibility, and reordered the door and rescheduled the installation in as timely a manner as I could have expected.   There was some other minor details to attend do after the majority of the work was done, but John took care of all of those in less than half a day.

Responsibility, professionalism, quality, and reliability - that sums up Avery Construction.  Yes, it's going to be more expensive to use Jason than his competitors, but I have learned as a homeowner, the hard way sometimes, that you get what you pay for.  Pay for Jason & team.  They are worth it.



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