2022 Bathroom Design Trends To Take Note of For Your Next Project


2022 Bathroom Trends To Revitalize Your Space

Sleek, all-white bathroom designs have been in the limelight for years. That said, a shift toward the natural is one trend that’s sure to steal the show in 2022.

This plan focuses more on organic bathroom components, textures, and accessories. Looking to modernize your space? A bathroom remodeling project is an excellent move when you need to add style to your bathroom.

For inspiration, the Avery team has put together 2022 bathroom trends to give this space a new start.

1. The Marble Effect

Marble has been a popular choice for years and is therefore not a novel 2022 bathroom trend. Even so, more homeowners opt for marble for their bathroom remodels due to its opulent feel. The classic white with either gold or gray lines and black types are a favorite in contemporary themed bathrooms.

2. Industrial-Style

Another 2022 bathroom trend to consider is industrial design in future renovations—picture loft-like bathrooms with rustic elements and brass accessories. The best part about this style is that it does not require a full-scale bathroom remodel. Instead, you only need to include specific accents and perform a minor facelift.

3. Greenery

The pandemic has seen a surge in houseplant purchases. Popular choices include succulents, ferns and ficus types. While you would generally place them in your living room, one of the 2022 bathroom trends has been to add greenery into this space.

Here, consider getting the air purifying types like monstera and the snake plant. Alternatively, you could buy the artificial types which are low maintenance.

4. Black Accents

Sometimes, the only thing your bathroom needs for a refresh is to add a bit of contrast, and black accents are the perfect way to achieve that, especially with light fixtures. We recommend working with an interior designer if you have a small bathroom to ensure it does not become overpowering.

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has always been an excellent alternative for homeowners not ready for a new paint job. Experts believe bold wallpaper styles like floral and tropical-themed ones will be a 2022 bathroom trend, especially in larger spaces.

6. Spa Styles

More people are finding ways to make their bathrooms a sanctuary through color, accessories like crystals and other features like minimalistic utilities. Create a spa by adding scented candles, changing the lighting and using technology to incorporate soothing music into your space.

7. Wood-Like Tiles

The desire to bring outdoor natural materials indoors has made wood-effect tiles a 2022 bathroom trend. These bathroom tiles are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Moreover, they require less upkeep than actual wood and offer slip resistance.

8. Cottagecore

Cottagecore has been a popular interior design trend, particularly on social media platforms. This 2022 bathroom trend entails the creation of a cottage-like feel by adding rustic accessories and décor elements that elicit nostalgia. Ideal bathroom color choices include duck egg blue and warm white. Also, remember to include eye-catching textures coupled with soft lighting and vintage accents.

9. Wet Rooms

Traditionally, you would only encounter a wet room in high-end hotels. This year has seen a shift, with more homeowners adding wet rooms and walk-in showers to create the illusion of space. Ideally, these areas should not have zones. However, if you must add one, we recommend adding glass screens to retain the flow.

10. Minimalism

Minimalistic designs have continued to dominate living spaces. In 2022, this approach has also seen a rise in popularity in bathrooms. Japanese styles are a favorite because they make the bathroom feel chic yet calming. Another go-to is the Scandinavian design trend due to its clean lines and comforting feel.

11. Color-Blocking

More people have begun to embrace bold colors in the bathroom. As a result, you may notice lots of color-blocking, especially with bathroom tiles. We recommend adding vertical tiles to create the illusion of a larger space if you have a low ceiling.

12. Futurism

This 2022 bathroom trend is perfect if you love pastel colors and eclectic décor that creates an ethereal feel. Opt for lilacs and Fuchsia for a vibrant, futuristic feel.

13. Color Drenching

Color drenching has been an exciting bathroom trend in 2022. It involves enclosing the space through color. For instance, you may paint your walls and sink basin the same color for that cohesive feel.

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