Tips for Remodeling Your Half Bathroom


Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom improvement projects always offer an excellent return on investment. Even if you are not looking to sell your home in the future, bathroom remodeling can be a much-needed project if you want to modernize your entire home. While it may seem like half-bath upgrades are a breeze, they do require almost the same amount of resources as full bathrooms.

Here, we’ll list half bathroom remodeling ideas and tips for a successful project.

Half Bathroom Remodeling: Planning Considerations

What exactly is a half-bath? A half bath is a room with toilet facilities, a sink, and a door. It does not have a shower and is mainly used as a powder room for homes with larger families or several floors.

The primary difference between a full bath and a small bathroom remodel project is the floor space you must work with. That said, both call for experienced general contractors. A half-bath is more challenging as it requires you to get innovative to achieve more with a small space.

Unlike a half bath, the primary bathroom has all the amenities. Traditionally referred to as a master bathroom, the primary bathroom has a sink, vanity shower, toilet, and sometimes a tub.

Before you begin remodeling a half-bath, it helps to consider the size, the number of fixtures and accessories, and the time needed. Usually, since this room serves as a secondary bathroom, you may not be in a hurry to complete the remodel.

Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you begin your remodeling project.

Raise the room to make it feel larger

With subtle changes, you can make your half bath appear more spacious. Remove the molding on the ceiling to create the illusion of an extended wall. Plus, if you have pendant light fixtures, consider swapping them for recessing lighting.

Keep off dark colors

Light colors are perfect for small spaces. Matching the floors and wall colors creates the illusion of space. We recommend sticking to white for the ceiling.

If possible, introduce as much natural light as you can.


Use décor to add personality to your half bath. It could be anything from a bright-colored towel to a textured floor rug.

Take advantage of stripes and patterns to create the image of a larger space.

Go for round-shaped vanities to free up space and prevent bruising.

Create additional counter space by stretching the vanity counter above the toilet. Consider having open shelves as doors take up space

A mirror extending from end to end improves lighting and makes the half bath appear larger.

Get creative with the towel holder by installing it on the door.

It’s best to position your half-bath on an exterior wall. Doing so makes applying various remodeling ideas, such as introducing a skylight, easier.

Maximize space by installing pedestal sinks rather than the cabinet types.

Prevent clutter by having more neutral color surfaces. A pop of color on the wall is perfect when you want to make a statement.

Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You now know the planning considerations and better understand ideal bathroom designs for small spaces. Below are half-bath remodeling ideas that will give your room the perfect upgrade.

1. Bronze finishes

If your half bath has a minimalist theme, adding bronze finishes will help pull the entire design together. Perfect areas for these bronze touches include the cabinet hardware, faucet, and mirror frame.

2. Add character with tiles

As mentioned earlier, implementing half bath remodeling ideas is tricky due to the available space. Patterned tiles are a simple solution. They add texture and personality without needing extra space.

3. Wall-mounted cabinet

Maximize space by installing a simple wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet. This section will provide extra storage for toilet paper and essential accessories.

4. Washstands

Washstands are perfect if you don’t require storage space in the half-bath. They free up lots of floor space, allowing you to play around with different flooring designs.

5. Single statement piece

If you hope to save money during your remodel project, going for a solo statement piece could be the best way to update your half bath. We recommend a vanity with a contrasting color and style.

6. Built-in storage

Maximize vertical space by building in-built shelves on the wall. Doing so creates an uncluttered feel and allows you to show off your personality through accessories.

7. Wallpaper

Are you hesitant about painting your walls? How about installing vinyl, water-proof wallpaper to transform your half bath. There are so many designs to choose from, including print and floral. The best part is that removing and switching to a new wallpaper design is easy.

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