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Tips from Florida general contractors: What it means when your new house gets cracks

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Buying a new house in Florida, especially if you are a first time buyer and if you are not a general contractor, can be tricky! It’s also one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make. Sometimes we get seduced by the look and the feel of a new place and look past the ‘shabby-chic’ brickwork. It’s important that you speak to someone and get a surveyor that is trained to identify any issues that there might be with the property.

Why do cracks appear in a newly built house?

Sometimes, believe it or not, new homes can be plagued in the early months of occupation by minor cracks that are caused by the home ‘settling’. Most of these types of cracks are harmless and it is easy to decorate over it. However, if cracks get noticeably wider or persist in reappearing, then it might be worth getting to the bottom of what is causing them, since these kinds of cracks can mean that there is a much bigger problem underneath the surface.

What are the most likely causes for cracks?

The most likely causes of cracks can be corrosion and foundation movement (including subsidence), and shrinkage of wall materials and expansion (of clay bricks). Cracks can also appear because of a change in temperature or moisture that builds up within building materials and that will then cause hairline fractures in a surface.

What does a crack tell you?

When cracks in your new house get bigger or keep appearing, it means that there are visible symptoms of a possible problem. Plasterboard hairline cracks usually appear in plasterboard that have been butted up to each other too tightly. Often when more serious cracks appear such as in brick or block walls that have been filled more than once, but keep reopening, it means that there is a serious problem somewhere like subsidence or blockages.

For expert advice contact us at Avery Home Remodeling. We will be able to support you with any questions you might have about any cracks in your new house and as experienced general contractors, be able assist you with solid advice before you buy that new house in Florida.

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