14 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022


A few kitchen remodeling ideas for your next project.

Thanks to contemporary design innovations and advanced appliances, it’s easier than ever to have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. To help you get started, we’ve put together a quick list of our favorite kitchen remodeling ideas that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you’re looking for a way to instantly add style and functionality, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen island. The way you design the island will depend on several factors such as what you’ll be using it for, the size of your available space, and how much storage you’d like it to have. You may also want to consider adding electrical outlets for a convenient place for people to charge their phones, laptops, and other electronic items.

Upgrade Flooring

Whether you’re doing a full kitchen renovation or are simply upgrading a few key areas, you should consider an upgrade to flooring. The type of flooring you choose will often be reflected by the overall ambience of the kitchen or the entire home. Many homeowners opt for hardwood when trying to achieve a rustic look while others swear by the use of tile flooring for a more modern appearance.

Put in a Cozy Nook

If you have the space in your kitchen or nearby, the installation or redesign of a breakfast nook is a wonderful way to upgrade the entire space. This cozy spot is a great place to enjoy your morning feast or simply settle down with a cup of coffee while you catch up with world events on either your phone or laptop. If your household is small, this could double as a miniature dining room.

Upgrade the Lighting

Your kitchen will look a lot different by simply upgrading lighting. In recent years, many homeowners have been installing pendant lights, which often hang down over a kitchen island or the main countertop. Track lighting is another popular option that’s been used in modern kitchens for a few decades. Just remember not to place lighting in a spot where it would be blocked and create a dark area.

Indulge in Appliances

Today’s modern kitchen will often incorporate stainless steel appliances, but many homeowners continue to opt for a more traditional appearance. If you’re going to upgrade any of your appliances, it doesn’t hurt to indulge yourself a bit. This could mean a more robust dishwasher, an advanced sink with an LED light that changes color per the temperature of the water, or a refrigerator with wi-fi capabilities.

Add a Kitchen Garage

If you’ve never heard of a kitchen garage before, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. Simply put, this is an enclosed or open space where you can keep all of your smaller appliances such as a blender, coffee maker, and toaster. You can also use it as additional storage space for food containers and other items, if needed.

Upgrade Countertops

It’s amazing how much your kitchen can transform its appearance simply by upgrading your countertops. Even if your countertops are still in good shape, you may want to switch them out for a new look. While having a granite countertop is very desirable for many homeowners, there are several types to choose from including other natural stones, laminate, and composite products.

Try Open Shelving

In the past, people wouldn’t dream of showing food containers, spices, and cutlery by displaying them out in the open. Times have changed, however. These days, open shelves have become an increasing trend allows you to make your kitchen appear a bit larger than it actually is. There are also very well-designed knife holders, food storage containers, and even salt and pepper shakers that add an attractive quality to the kitchen.

Add a Butcher Block

If you do a lot of meal preparation, then adding a butcher block to your kitchen should be a foregone conclusion. As the name suggests, this is a functional area dedicated to cutting and preparing meat and other food items. This is a wonderful alternative to using a countertop or a kitchen island to do the majority of your prep work.

Pick Up Bar Stools

Never underestimate the importance of giving household members and guests plenty of options on where to sit. Bar stools are a great way for people to chat with each other, grab a quick bite, or do their homework. They come in a large variety of styles, which makes them the perfect addition to any kitchen with a bit of unused space.

Say Yes to Natural

If you’ve seen several kitchens in the last decade or two, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a trend leaning toward stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and other modern appearances. However, more and more homeowners are opting for a natural look these days. There are many types of natural wood finishes that can be applied to your cabinets, flooring, and even your kitchen island.

Integrate Some Art

To be honest, there isn’t a room in your house that won’t look better with at least one or two pieces of art hanging on the wall. For the kitchen, many people opt for pictures of farm houses, farm animals, and similar items. This is a fantastic way to show off your personality while adding color and style to the room.

Change Backsplash

In case you’re not aware of what a backsplash is, this is typically the area between your countertop and the bottom of your cabinets. Tile backsplashes are quite common, but many homeowners have grown tired of the subway tile look and have opted to create a more vertical appearance. Backsplashes are often replaced when cabinets get upgraded, but it can also be a standalone job.

Upgrade Storage

Most homeowners would agree that you can never have too many kitchen cabinets. Redesigning your current cabinets will improve the appearance of your kitchen while adding a few more will allow for additional storage. If you have a small kitchen and not much room but you’re dying for extra storage, you can have a pantry built to the side.

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