10 Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes


Ten Room Addition Ideas To Expand Square Footage in Tiny Homes

If you live in a small home but are not yet ready to move, a room addition project may be the right choice. Addition projects increase your livable square footage, allowing you to install a family room and other spaces that meet your current home needs. Plus, if you plan to sell the home in the future, you may likely recover about 60% of the home improvement costs due to increased value.

In this post, we’ll share ten room addition ideas that will increase the footprint of your tiny home.

Room Addition Ideas for Tiny Homes

1. Second-story addition

A second-story addition is one of the most extensive residential renovations a homeowner can choose. While it can be costly for some, it can add at least a thousand square feet to your home, making space for a storage room and additional living space. That said, work with an experienced renovations company to ensure your home’s foundation can hold this project.

2. Add a bonus room above the garage

Do you have a detached garage? Adding an extra room above it is a fantastic way to increase home square footage. Since it will have an existing foundation and wiring, you’ll probably only require roofing and walls. This room addition can make an ideal Airbnb or guest room. Keep in mind that unless you convert the garage fully, you’ll need to install vapor barriers to contain exhaust fumes and get fireproof materials. These features can be expensive, going for at least thirty-five dollars per square foot.

3. A modular addition

Modular additions are great room additions projects for ranch-style homes. Builders add these already-finished rooms onto the exterior of your tiny home. For this reason, they are ideal for properties with sizeable yard space. One huge perk of this addition is the off-site fabrication, which saves you from moving temporarily or bearing with construction activities.

4. Include a dormer

If you are looking for house addition ideas for your attic, dormers are excellent. They turn a cramped attic into usable space such as home offices. Dormers also add natural light and boost your home’s curb appeal.

5. Turn the basement into a livable space

Redesigning your basement is another way to add to existing livable square footage. You can choose to convert this room into an entertainment area or bedroom, and the costs can go up to $34,000. Fortunately, this project has a return on investment of about seventy percent. Of course, this option will be limited in Florida areas.

6. Bump-out the kitchen

Bump-outs are perfect room addition ideas if you have extra space on the kitchen exterior. This micro-addition can increase the area by about a hundred square feet, giving you a pantry and additional cabinetry space. You may also include an eat-in counter if your house lacks a dining room.

7. Bathroom addition

Bathrooms are another house additions project that offers an average return on investment of about sixty-two percent. We recommend choosing an underutilized area like the basement or below the stairs to save money. Also, it would be best to let a residential renovations company handle this project due to the plumbing aspect.

8. Mudroom addition

Having a mudroom can come in handy during the wet season in Florida. You can enclose your hallway and include additional interior design elements like cabinets, cubbies, and wall hooks. You don’t have to build from scratch since you have the foundation in place, making it an affordable addition project.

9. Take advantage of the existing porch

A porch conversion project is another room addition idea that utilizes the existing foundation. You could turn it into a sunroom and install heating to increase the livable square footage. It is relatively affordable and also provides a return on investment.

10. Get an additional living room with an enclosed patio

This room addition project creates an extra living room while taking advantage of the existing structure. Making it cozy might require significant remodeling, such as extending the roofing. Therefore, you might want to hire design-build contractors to ensure it turns out great.

What To Consider Before Implementing Room Addition Ideas

There are several things to consider before undertaking a room addition project.

  • Permits – Every state has its laws on residential innovations. Generally, you will need permits for roofing, electrical, plumbing, demolition, and sewer projects.
  • Schedule – Knowing how long your home will be a construction zone will help you adjust your schedule and other family members’ school or work plans.
  • Proofing – Your house must have sufficient damp proofing to handle renovation projects.
  • A survey – A building survey, especially for a newly-purchased house, is essential to identify existing structural issues.
  • The contractor – Having the right contractor will influence the success of your room addition project.

Work with Avery Home Remodeling for Room Addition Ideas and Projects

Room additions projects can be extensive, so you need an experienced renovations company like Avery Construction. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling services and room additions for residential properties and commercial buildings.

Ready to implement a room addition idea? Contact us to learn how we can make your remodeling project a success with a free consultation.