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Melissa Allen


Posted on: by jason-avery

Avery Construction replaced everything in my living room. It was stripped down to bare walls & floors because of a mold issue. They had to remove my sliding glass doors & fix / replace everything. They also found that there was no insulation in my ceiling – so we ended up ripping that down too. He took out my hardwood floors (that were destroyed by the mold) and replaced it with tile – so they had to level the floor & prep it for the tile – then lay the tile for me. Their work was amazing & I was impressed with how clean they are! For so much work being done in that one room, I really didn’t have much to clean up at all!

We also had a leaking deck on my 2nd floor above the room with the mold. This was probably the cause of the mold – – – but they had to strip off the old deck & wrap around some kind of flooring that will make it so it won’t leak in the future. While doing this, they had to remove my old railing (which was about to fall down anyway) – and replace the railing around my 2nd floor deck.

We also had some minor other things that needed to be fixed according to my insurance company. I had just switched insurance companies – and after I signed on the dotted line, they came back to me with a laundry list of things that needed to be done in 2 weeks. Avery Construction was able to fit me in so that I was not cancelled by my insurance company. I am so thankful they were able to get it all done in the short time frame the insurance company gave me! This included a handrail be added to my deck that ran the length of my house – as well as a handrail being added to the steps of a storage shed because It has more than 3 steps up to it. Avery was able to make this all happen when other companies wouldn’t have been able to get around to my job until a few weeks past my deadline.

They also had to replace some of the T-11 (siding) around my house. My lawn guys had let the vines grow a little too much on my house. When we had that all removed (per the request of the insurance company) – we learned that some of the vines had somehow gotten behind the T-11 & were pushing it out from the house – causing it to decay & create a possible leak situation. Avery removed the damaged T-11 & replaced what was needed.

I had full faith in their crew. Even gave them a key to my house & moved out while all of this was being done. It took almost 3 weeks for everything to be completed. I could have moved back in at the half way point – but I figured it was easier for them to work without me there. I’m usually very over protective of my house – always turing on the alarm when I get home & as I leave – but with Avery Construction, I felt I could trust them with everything &  not have to worry about a thing. I feel so lucky to have found them – and to have them guiding me through this process that was not something I had planned to do right away. They were able to turn what should have been a negative experience – into a positive. I love my living room now – more than I did before! Laying the tile & painting the walls a color – totally opened up the room & I actually enjoy sitting in there more now than I did before. Everything happens for a reason – as long as you have the right people on your side. I feel very lucky to have had Avery Construction on my side & will for sure use them for other projects as well!   🙂

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