Kay’s Story

Thank You So Much!

Kay’s Story

We recently listed and sold our townhome your company remodeled back in 2018-19 in less than 1 day!

Cash offer, full price.

I thought you should know that 4 years later, your remodel made the sale quick and easy and we got top dollar. We bought a big Class-A RV, and plan to travel the country for a few years before settling back down. I was wondering, just for future reference, how far your company reaches as far as remodels?

We would probably be looking to buy somewhere north of Tampa and maybe inland a bit. I would be thrilled to use your company again if we got a fixer-upper, and so many I see are, even if they are remodeled. You guys set the bar high as far as my expectations.

Thanks again to both of you; Avery is top-notch!