Small Bathroom Remodel: Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom in Your Home


A few tips to remodel your bathroom.

Residential renovations may focus on every aspect in your home, but for many homeowners, the bathroom remodel has a special place in their hearts.

This can get tricky with small bathrooms because you don’t have a lot of space to work with. The good news is that bathroom designers have been dealing with this issue for decades and they’ve become experts at maximizing every inch of space and making the room appear and feel larger than it is. To help you get started, we’ve taken the time to compile some of our favorite small bathroom remodel tips.

Focus on Lighting Fixtures

Small bathrooms don’t need too many lighting fixtures because it won’t take much illumination to light up the entire space. That doesn’t mean you should throw up a light bulb or two and be done with it, though. Instead, install a light fixture on the ceiling, either flush or hanging, along with two or three bulbs on each side of the vanity. Also, don’t forget to only use energy-efficient bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs to save energy and money.

Natural Light, If Possible

One way you can make the room feel a bit larger is with the use of natural light. It may be a bit subconscious in nature, but there’s just something about a naturalistic appearance that can really open up your bathroom and other areas of your home. You can achieve this with either a small window or – if your bathroom warrants it – a skylight.

Upgrade to High-End Tiles

A big part of any small bathroom remodel is what type of flooring you decide to use. One advantage of having such a small floor space to work with is that you can get fancy with the flooring without breaking the bank. Choosing high-end mosaic tiles or a more traditional style will give the bathroom its own luxurious feel and make it seem as if you’ve spared no expense.

Take Advantage of the Walls

A small bathroom feels larger once you learn how to take advantage of the wall. You can attach things to it such as floating vanities, sinks, and even wall-mounted toilets as a way to visually expand a limited space. As a bonus, putting a few items on the wall also makes it easier to clean the floor and other areas of the bathroom.

Get Creative with Storage

If you don’t have much space in the bathroom and don’t want to store items in a hall closet or other area, then you’ll need to get creative. There are some amazing, space-saving bathroom shelving designs to choose from that will allow you to hold extra towels, toiletries, and other items. Add a recessed medicine cabinet into the mix and you’ll use even less space, both visually and physically.

Consider a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks have long been used as a space-saving tool but were mostly limited to powder rooms. These days, many homeowners have discovered that these attractive, stylist sinks are perfect for a small bathroom. One way to take advantage of the space is to install a solid steel framing base underneath it that has an integrated towel bar and a shelf for bathroom supplies.

Splurge on a Few Luxuries

Since small bathroom remodeling will save you money because of the square footage being worked on, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra money on a few luxuries. Items such as a bidet seat, bath fans, and towel warmers won’t take up any additional room but will add something special to the bathroom experience. You can even delight yourself and your guests with a music-playing showerhead.

Use a Pocket (Sliding) Door

Pocket doors are those that slide into a pocket located in the adjacent wall. These are especially great for tiny bathrooms where a normal door may hit the toilet when fully opened or makes the room difficult to navigate as you go in and out. These doors provide the same amount of privacy and can be latched shut for the sake of security.

Skip Putting in a Bathtub

Many of today’s smaller bathrooms are designed to better utilize space by foregoing the traditional bathtub and installing a shower only. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this type of layout. In fact, many homeowners prefer this for either a master bathroom or guest bathroom because it’s typically easier to clean a shower than a full tub and the saved square footage can be utilized elsewhere.

Two Words: Soaking Tub

Even though switching to a shower-only bathroom will save you some space, no one’s going to disparage you for insisting on some type of tub. After all, this is a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress after a long day. A popular option is to install a Japanese soaking tub, which is not only stylish, but takes up less room than a traditional bathtub.

Focus on Your Shower

When done right, a small bathroom’s shower can become its centerpiece. A good place to start is to get the idea of a shower curtain out of your head and instead opt for a glass shower door. Next, select your favorite bathroom tiles to line the walls. Finally, install a fancy showerhead whether it’s one with spraying and massaging options or produces a rain shower.

Items to Keep Things Tidy

If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space, then it’s very easy for it to become cluttered or unclean. Luckily, there are many different items on the market that will help you keep everything looking nice and tidy such as towel bars, towel rings, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, and many others. You can even select a similar décor for each item so they can match the bathroom’s personality.

Install a Humidity Sensor

Due to its limited space, it doesn’t take long for a small bathroom to fill up with steam whenever someone takes a shower. You’ll want to install a bathroom fan, but it’s easy to forget to turn this on when all you want to do is bathe and relax. The alternative is to install a humidity sensor that will detect when the humidity has reached a certain level and then activate the fans automatically.

Don’t Forget Waterproofing

Since a small bathroom has such limited space, water tends to get everywhere. This can lead to problems with mold, not to mention potential damage to flooring, walls, shower tiles, and other areas. If you’re going to remodel your small bathroom, it’s a good idea to get everything waterproofed so that you can avoid future hazards and hassles.

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