Check Out These Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas for Your Upgrade


What are a few Mediterranean kitchen ideas you should consider for kitchen upgrades?

If you’re thinking about creating a Mediterranean-style kitchen, then you’ve made a great choice. This design style has been around for many decades in the modern era, and it continues to top the wish lists of millions of homeowners across the country. There are multiple ways that you can achieve the look that you’ve always dreamed of. We’d like to help you get started, so we sat down and came up with some of our favorite Mediterranean kitchen ideas that will completely transform your home.

Deep Blue and Brown

Deep blues and browns are perfect for a modern kitchen trying to achieve a Mediterranean style. While brown will give your kitchen an earthy tone, blue delivers a sea-bound look. A popular way to accomplish this is to install brown tile floors along with slate-blue upper cabinets. Add in a few stainless steel appliances for the perfect contrast.

Spanish Revival Style

Many homeowners who are looking to design a Mediterranean home will go with a Spanish-style kitchen design. This begins with high ceilings and wooden beams, in addition to a kitchen island that features hand-carved details to give it an Old World appearance. If this tickles your fancy, then we’d suggest that you add a wrought iron light fixture to give the whole thing a medieval feel.

Modern Spanish Style

If you prefer a more modern look to an old classic, you might just want to go with a modern Spanish style. This typically includes a thick wood countertop, white cabinets, patterned tiles, an arch over your stove, and some wrought iron to hold up wood shelves. This is the kind of kitchen design that allows the area to feel young and fresh while still showing an appreciation for history.

Multiple Uses of Tile

Flooring design has certainly come a long way. Many homeowners have moved past the use of linoleum and made the transition to tile.

But who says that tile only belongs on the floor? Feel free to add blue and white Mediterranean-inspired tiles to the interior of your kitchen island. Or add them as a backsplash to give the whole kitchen a unique look.

Modern Michelangelo

No matter what you’re designing, you can never go wrong with being inspired by the likes of Michelangelo (the artist, not the turtle). This world-famous sculptor used marble slabs to create lifelike statues, and you can incorporate some of that style into your kitchen. In addition to marble accents, we suggest that you use woven-back barstools to give the kitchen an Italian Renaissance feel. This elegant Mediterranean look could just be the talk of your neighborhood.

Coastal Kitchen Style

You can’t get much more Mediterranean than open wood shelving that highlights a series of ceramic goods and bottles of wine. The whole idea is to create a kitchen that feels like it’s sitting on the coast of Greece. Add in several hues of blue, a few stylish paintings, and a natural light source, and you might never want to leave your kitchen again.

Tuscan-Style Kitchen

It’s kind of amazing that a single city in Italy has inspired an entire architectural look that still stands out today. The modern Tuscan-style kitchen has changed a bit, but it still leans toward wood rafters, cathedral ceilings, and artistic murals. Add some wrought iron fixtures, and your Mediterranean-style kitchen will instantly have a contemporary edge.

Sun and Sea Style

We talked earlier about an earth and sea style, but one of our favorite Mediterranean kitchen ideas is to incorporate the sun instead of the Earth. What you want to do here is mix rich, warm colors with shades of yellow and blue to evoke the sun and sea. This can be achieved through your kitchen’s flooring tiles, backsplash, and cabinets. Add in some painted pottery, and you’ll have a cozy kitchen to die for.

Basket Full of Flowers

Although the rest of our Mediterranean kitchen ideas involve a certain style or specific colors, we’d like to end the discussion by noting that something as simple as a basket of flowers can give your kitchen the right look. Sunflowers are our personal favorites, but other great choices for a Mediterranean appearance include the California poppy, Daphne shrub, spider flowers, lavender, and ranunculus. Any of these are the perfect accents for a lovely kitchen.

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