What to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash


Follow a few design tips on how to choose a kitchen backsplash. 

Knowing how to choose a kitchen backsplash is an important decision. A backsplash helps to keep your walls protected while also making a big impact on the overall design of your kitchen. You can choose from numerous options, whether it’s mosaic tile, natural stone, subway tile, or many other styles. Hiring experienced kitchen contractors is also critical to saving time while making it much easier to obtain the perfect kitchen backsplash for your home.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a kitchen backsplash.

Consider Your Budget

One of the first things to consider during a kitchen remodel project is your budget. Creating a budget ahead of time makes it much easier to determine which types of materials you can afford. Discussing your needs with a kitchen remodeling contractor can also give you a better idea of which materials will work best for your budget.

For example, glass tiles are usually more costly than ceramic tiles, but you can choose from a variety of backsplash designs that vary in price. Taking the time to compare all of your options is always worth the effort.

Pick Your Focal Points

Deciding on the focal point for your kitchen is another important choice. If kitchen cabinets are your focal point, it’s a good idea to choose a backsplash that complements your cabinets. A subtle backsplash allows your cabinets to stand out more, which is often the goal if you spend time on a kitchen cabinet remodeling project. On the other hand, you can be much more creative with how to choose a kitchen backsplash if you have simple cabinets and countertops.

Choose Your Design

The color and shape of your backsplash make a significant impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Light or neutral colors are usually more affordable, and they can make your kitchen appear bigger. On the other hand, a darker tile color can make your kitchen feel more cozy, but it’s important to make sure your kitchen has enough natural light.

A brick tile pattern is always a classic design, while a solid slab is a popular choice if you prefer a contemporary backsplash.

Think About the Height

You also have several choices when deciding on the height of your kitchen backsplash. Typically, a kitchen backsplash is installed from the countertop until it reaches the shelves or cabinets. However, you can install a kitchen backsplash above the countertops and sink until it reaches the ceiling.

This layout will make your kitchen look bigger, but it will be more expensive than traditional designs. Either way, it’s a good idea to compare all of your choices before deciding on the height of your kitchen backsplash.

Don’t Forget About Wear and Tear

Not all materials for a kitchen backsplash are equal, as some are much easier to maintain compared to other options. For example, natural stone looks great, but it needs to be sealed once a year. However, backsplash tiling is easy to clean, and it will last for a long time. Some tiles don’t even require sealing.

The color and shape of the materials also make an impact on how easy they are to keep clean and well-maintained. Learning more about the different materials available can help you choose the best kitchen backsplash to meet your needs.

Try Not to Rush Your Choice

Finding the right kitchen backsplash is essential to making sure you are happy with your investment. Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of choosing a trendy design that will go out of style in only a few years. Spending time learning about all of your available options can help you choose a kitchen backsplash that will look great for years while giving your home a fresh appearance.

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