Interior Design Trends in 2022


13 Dynamic Interior Design Trends in 2022

Functionality and comfort are key elements of a great home. That said, mastering these design needs can be a challenge for sure. Do you feel like your space needs an uplift but don’t know where to begin?

From modern and multifunctional spaces to sustainable and rustic environments, let’s discuss interior design trends in 2022 that blend style with practicality.

1. Going Retro

Retro décor is perhaps one of the most notable interior design trends of 2022. These elements are a fantastic way to add color to your home. Think burnt orange and warm neutrals.

Such décor pieces are easily accessible in flea markets and vintage stores. Plus, you may also want to look up online stores or attend auctions to find unique items.

2. Natural Touches

According to top interior designers, natural materials have been all the rage since the pandemic and will remain a popular addition. The most straightforward way is to introduce greenery into living spaces.

Plants not only purify the indoor air but also complement wood décor and earthy interior colors. Best part? It’s fulfilling to see your indoor plant flourish!

Some plants to consider are the sweetheart plant, due to its versatility; the snake plant for easy maintenance, and monstera for low-light spaces. Besides plants, other ways to add a natural touch to your home are through natural woods, warm browns, stone, and fired clay.

3. Multipurpose Spaces

Multipurpose spaces are another 2022 interior design trend Florida homeowners have and will continue to adopt. With so many lifestyle changes, single-use areas are no longer practical.

For example, you could use a room divider to include a home office in your living room. Keep in mind that this area should serve as a productive space. For this reason, it’s critical to:

  • Select the best location, preferably a corner for less foot traffic
  • Ensure you create enough space for all necessary equipment
  • Choose décor pieces on this side of the living room wisely

Plus, take advantage of the vertical space and include shelving or platforms.

4. Zen Interiors

As more people become mindful of what they introduce into their homes, this feeling also translates into their interior design choices. From light wood to floating décor elements, these are a few ways to lean into the zen interior design trends of 2022. Natural touches are a standard feature.

Overall, the design choices pay special attention to how each piece favorably impacts your wellbeing. So, this is a consideration to keep in mind when you are selecting furniture and other accessories.

5. Smart Homes

Innovative technology isn’t a novel interior design trend. Even so, it’s become clear the modern homeowner values the convenience of such technology.

For example, if you plan to have room additions, a homework room for your children with interactive boards is an excellent way to use smart tech. You may also want to add thermostats and retractable screens in your sunroom. Other cool features include speakers that function as décor or sliding shelves that reveal your smart TV.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is an aspect that will continue to dominate interior design trends in 2022. More people understand the impact their design choices have on the environment. As a result, they are opting for eco-friendly elements. A few things you can do to incorporate sustainable materials include:

  • Using energy-efficient designs such as insulation to reduce the frequency of heating
  • Purchasing sustainably-sourced items, recycled, and upcycled ones such as bio-glass and jute
  • Use eco-friendly paint colors that have “low-biocide” labels

7. Sunlit Areas

Natural lighting has always been a design factor. However, it’s going to become even more popular in 2022. Many home improvements will involve switching from dark unlit spaces like theater rooms for sunlit ones.

One way to introduce natural light is by installing large windows in bathrooms. On another note, consider adding skylights in the family room and kitchen.

8. Colors of the Year

Everyone perceives color differently. Some homeowners love to go bold, while others prefer to keep it safe by sticking with the classics. This year, top interior designers and paint companies listed their predictions for 2022 paint colors, which you might want to take into account during your next interior design project.

These include:

  • Gentle olive, which creates a warm and soothing atmosphere
  • Satin Rolling Surf is a teal color that evokes optimism.
  • Very Peri is an animated periwinkle color that delivers a sense of curiosity and joy.
  • Laurel Leaf, a dusty green color that mimics nature

9. Colorful Curtains

Interior design trends in 2022 go beyond walls and décor. More homeowners are looking to experiment with curtains by choosing vibrant colors and patterns.

Living rooms are typically the face of your interior space; consider going for floral and fruit designs for an energetic feel. Bedrooms are intimate spaces. Therefore, interior designers recommend curtains with abstract patterns and light, airy colors.

10. Curved Furniture

An exciting deviation in 2022 has been from straight-lined décor to curvy elements. This round-edged furniture offers a softer and comforting feel.

One way to incorporate this trend is by selecting earth-toned colors. Even so, the arrangement matters! Place the décor pieces in a circular display for a more cohesive atmosphere.

11. Maximalism

While minimalism is still in style, more homeowners are increasingly adding patterns and textures. Consider adding wallpaper to your living room walls. Else, set up a gallery wall with a wide range of colored frames in different sizes (this is a fantastic way to express your artistic style).

12. “Escape” Rooms

Are open plans a thing of the past? Well, not entirely. However, more people are looking to introduce private spots in parts of their homes to unwind and heal. A fantastic place to modify is the coatroom which you can turn into the meditation room.

13. Introduce Comfort to Your Outdoors

There’s a shift in outdoor living spaces from seasonal chill spots into everyday use spaces, particularly during the pandemic. With teleworking still here, consider carving out a section to become a workspace. Besides that, you could add seating and pergolas to create an indoor feel and outfit the place with an outdoor kitchen.

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