How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Design for Your Remodel


How to choose the right kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

Installing new cabinets is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the look of your home and give your kitchen more functionality. Even if you decide to do a low-key redesign, the results will be fantastic.

Although some homeowners have a precise idea of how they want their kitchen to look once we’re done with their project, many of them have no idea what’s available in the world of cabinetry. Today, we’re going to show you how to choose the perfect kitchen cabinet design for your home and some of the benefits of doing so.

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Design

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet design may not be rocket science, but it does take some effort and a bit of finesse. To help you get started, here are five things that you’ll need to do:

Figure Out a Budget

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out the project’s budget. When calculating the budget, you should allot approximately 50% for the cost of your cabinets. It could be a little more or a little less, but that’s typically the industry standard. Let the cabinet installer know how much you can spend, and they’ll inform you of your various design options.

Choose a Design Style

Choosing a style is obviously the most important part of the process. There are many different designs available, ranging from vintage to modern. You’ll also need to choose the cabinet colors or finish, in addition to the cabinet door style. Matching the cabinets to other parts of the kitchen, such as the countertops and flooring, is important for the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Select a Material & Door Type

Most homeowners who want high-quality kitchen cabinets will select ones that are made out of solid wood. But you also have the choice of other materials, such as metal or acrylic. At this point, you’ll also want to choose a door type or style. Options include flat panel doors, arched cathedral doors, and raised panel doors, just to name a few.

Pick a Color or Finish

As mentioned above, you’ll also need to pick a color or finish for the cabinets. One thing to remember is that darker colors will make your kitchen look smaller, while lighter colors can make it look bigger. Painted wood cabinets are great if you’re looking for a splash of color and a nice contrast with the floors and countertops. Just remember to choose something that doesn’t clash with the rest of the kitchen.

Add Features & Hardware

Finally, you’ll need to decide if you want any special features or hardware added to your kitchen cabinets. There are many different types of customizable features available to keep your kitchen organized and improve its functionality. These include everything from built-in utensil drawers and lazy Susan’s to pot lid holders and slide-out drawers to hide your trash from view.

Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Design

Choosing and installing the perfect kitchen cabinet design will give your home an entirely new look and feel. There’s a long list of benefits to this type of home improvement project, including these three:

Refreshes the Aesthetic

The most obvious benefit of choosing the perfect cabinet design is that it improves the aesthetic of the kitchen and, in effect, your entire home. Even though we can now use 3D technology to show you exactly what your kitchen will look like once we’re done, homeowners are still amazed at the result. Whether you’re completely redoing the kitchen or simply adding new cabinets, it’ll be like you’re living in an entirely new space.

Adds More Storage Space

Another great benefit of installing kitchen cabinets is adding more storage space. Although many homes already have ample storage, all of us could use a bit more space. Depending on the area that’s available, you can select slightly deeper cabinets or ones that extend higher toward the ceiling. You can also use a few added features to take advantage of every inch of space that’s available to you.

Raises Your Home’s Value

There are two ways that kitchen cabinet design can add to the value of your home: the actual value and the perceived value. In terms of the actual value that it adds to your home, you’ll typically get a return on investment of somewhere over 50% of what you paid. But there’s also perceived value, in which a potential buyer loves the upgrades that you’ve done and is likely to offer more money for the home because they’ve fallen in love with the upgrades.

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