Remodeling Your Kitchen in 2 Weeks or Less


Quick Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling takes time. As such, while you may have a vivid image of your dream kitchen, a full-scale kitchen remodeling project may not always be feasible at the moment. If this is the case, a minor remodel is perfect for you as it would take only two weeks or less.

Read on to learn about essential preparation steps and kitchen remodeling ideas realizable within a fortnight.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Project Take?

When planning your kitchen remodel project, it’s normal to wonder whether you can finish it in two weeks. Typically, the average kitchen improvement project takes 6-8 weeks.

This time frame will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Moreover, an extensive remodel requires city permits and, in some cases importing items. So, the project might take longer.

The only way to remodel a kitchen in two weeks is if you don’t plan to change the footprint and are not altering the plumbing or wiring. You also have to retain the stock cabinetry and inbuilt kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Remodeling Preparation

A remodeled kitchen space is worth the cost and time spent if you get the planning right.

Evaluate wants and needs. Ask yourself the current issues you have with your existing kitchen design. Do you lack enough storage and seating sections? Or does the kitchen space look dated?

Once you determine things you wish to change, rank them in terms of must-haves and wants.

Have a financial plan, and do not exceed your limits. Even so, have at least 20% set aside for the unexpected.

Consider the resale value. Kitchen remodeling is ideal if you stay in your current home for many years. Therefore, it would be wise to consider this project’s financial payback before you even start.

Be willing to compromise. Due to the time frame you have for this kitchen remodeling project, we recommend keeping an open mind.

Hire a remodeling contractor. It’s best to work with a construction company specializing in kitchen remodeling. Not only will they help you get that perfect kitchen you had visualized, but they will also complete the project on time.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1. Refurbish countertops

Cabinets and countertops are the most popular kitchen remodeling considerations. While changing kitchen cabinets can give your space an instant facelift, it’s not a 2-week project. As for countertops, a refurbish is a smaller improvement project doable within a short period.

Granite overlays

Granite overlays are a straightforward and economical remodeling idea. All you need is to place them over the existing ones, which is usually a one-day job. Overlays are great because they save you from having to remove and repair cabinets.


Tile installation also goes over existing countertops. However, this can only work if the countertops have square-shaped and not curved edges. The general contractor will use a sander beforehand before installing these new countertops.


Polyurethane offers an innovative way to give your countertops a new lease on life. You can choose to install one on an existing laminated countertop to introduce shine. A creative option would be to add memorabilia like baseball cards as a base before covering it with polyurethane.

2. Add a new backsplash

Backsplashes add vibrancy to your kitchen walls. They make cleaning easier and also serve as moisture barriers. They are also easy to install and remove, therefore an excellent choice for a remodeling project. Classic white tile backsplashes are the most popular

Other options to consider include:

  • Shiplap-perfect for coastal-themed kitchens
  • Brick veneer for that historic feel
  • Reclaimed wood to complete the rustic theme in cabin-style spaces
  • Beadboard- ideal for country-style kitchens
  • Glass- a deviation from the standard tile types offering a contemporary feel

3. Update hardware

Switching cabinet hardware is a small, yet impactful adjustment. These knobs not only revive your cabinets but also create a luxurious feel in the entire kitchen space.

A few styles to consider are:

  • Classic bronze knobs- these complement glazed wood cabinets perfectly
  • Metal pull-out rings- ideal for mission-style cabinets
  • Tubular pulls- sleek and horizontal, which complement contemporary-themed styles
  • Rustic knobs- simple and perfect for country-style cabinets
  • Sea stone- an eco-friendly and unique option
  • Cup pulls- ideal for a farmhouse-themed kitchen
  • Tuscan-chunky and dark-colored pairs well with light-colored cabinetry

4. Upgrade your light fixtures

Lighting is a huge factor influencing the practicality and aesthetics of your kitchen space. The secret to a successful remodel is layering. To do this, it helps to understand each fixture’s different categories and functions.

  • Task- lighting that’s above the working space or illuminating the pantry
  • Accent- these include recessed and track lights and add dimension
  • Decorative- these fixtures make a statement
  • Ambient- adds luxury to the kitchen space

Your choice will depend on your kitchen theme. A few to consider include:

  • Modern geometrics
  • Pendant brass lights
  • Capiz fixtures
  • Table lamps
  • Sputnik
  • Ceramic and porcelain globes
  • Bell lantern

5. Change outdated faucets

A kitchen remodeling project wouldn’t be complete without a faucet upgrade. Multiple options exist on the market, from classic metal types to modern styles.

Here are some that are popular this year.

Polished copper – This faucet type is popular in farmhouse-themed kitchens, with most homeowners going for the pull-down and high-bridge ones.

Mixed metal – These faucets are ideal for you if you’re looking to incorporate accents.

Smart tech – Smart faucets are a relatively new innovation compared to smart bulbs and appliances. They boast water monitoring controls that minimize wastage and have a voice command feature that lets you turn the faucet on with your voice.

Touchless – As the name suggests, these faucets have a motion sensor.

Matte – These sleek faucets are perfect for minimalist homes.

Wall-mounted – These blend vintage and contemporary-styled faucets and are typically available in gold and copper.

Get Your Dream Kitchen With the Help of Avery Construction

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