5 Kitchen Update Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


Update Ideas & Designs to Modernize Your Kitchen

For most people, a kitchen is a hub of creativity and togetherness. The kitchen has always been one of the most integral rooms in your home – it’s where you prepare meals and bond with your family. As such, you probably crave a kitchen that’s both charming and functional. So, chances are you have a few kitchen update ideas in mind. Whether you’ve been a homeowner for years or just moved into a new home.

Today’s kitchen designs focus on increasing the effectiveness of the hardest working room in the house while catering to people’s unique tastes. Quick upgrades like installing a new backsplash or painting your cabinets can be a great way to give your kitchen a makeover and add to the functionality of your kitchen.

If you’re thinking of refreshing your space, here are some kitchen remodeling ideas you can tailor to your aesthetic style and budget.

1. Flexible Space

The kitchen is evolving into a multi-functional space as more people work from home.

Lighting will play a key role in adapting a kitchen to various functions. People are opting for pendant light fixtures because of their versatility – they come in a wide range of styles to complement different aesthetics and are an adaptable lighting option. Because they produce targeted light in smaller amounts, they can be used to light up a specific area, making them useful for task lighting. You can also add pendant lights to entry halls, stairwells, and dining rooms.

For some people, however, it’s important to have a sense of mental separation between areas designed for eating, cooking, or working. Creating multi-functional and flexible zones in your kitchen can help your space work better for you. For instance, getting a dining table that turns into a standing desk.

2. Pigment-Packed Cabinetry

Colorful kitchen cabinets are very popular nowadays. Cabinets can be used to make quite a statement in your kitchen as they’re often one of the first things people notice. Adding a boost of color to your kitchen can create a warm, welcoming ambiance that encourages family time and fosters creativity. You want your kitchen to be a place where everyone is happy to sit, eat, or converse; and colorful cabinet doors can help you achieve this goal.

Paint your kitchen mustard yellow to boost spirits and bring happy thoughts. Use green to create a calming space and transform your kitchen into the perfect place to relax after a long day of work, while soft blues can make your kitchen feel more open and airier. Blue kitchen cabinets are also a wildly sought-after option for kitchen upgrades.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get adventurous with your kitchen!

3. Multiple Islands

Will your culinary area double up as the place where your family eats together? Then you’ll need a kitchen island with seating. A kitchen island can serve as a focal point and also solve your storage, display and functionality needs—plus look beautiful doing it. For those working from home, islands can also serve as makeshift workspaces and conference tables.

If you have the space, incorporating two or three islands in your kitchen can create a sense of separation, giving you different places to both prep and enjoy your meal or take a few Zoom meetings.

For those who don’t like the pizzazz of kitchen islands, a vintage farm table is a subtle way to add an island to your space without the hassle of a major kitchen renovation. Vintage tables also come in unique shapes and sizes, which means you can find one that works for small kitchens that don’t have enough space for a full island.

4. Patterns In The Kitchen

From glazed tile backsplashes to patterned floors, people are incorporating fun and gorgeous patterns into their kitchen. Contrasting glossy kitchen backsplashes with earthy, rustic colors and stainless-steel appliances creates unexpected layers of visual interest that bring texture and artisan character to your kitchen.

Eye-catching patterns and prints can enliven your kitchen and inject a sense of character into your home. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce patterns into your kitchen. Floors and backsplashes are prime candidates for patterns, from chintz to florals. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is a periwinkle blue that would look marvelous on a patterned subway tile.

Put simply, kitchens no longer need to be plain and dull.

5. Increase Storage Space

No matter how much storage you have in your kitchen, somehow, it’s just never enough. Increasing storage space is arguably the most common kitchen update ideas. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can increase your kitchen’s storage space.

  • Make your pantry bigger or remodel it by installing pull-out drawers and racks
  • Install a kitchen island – it will save on space while creating more storage space
  • Remodel existing cabinetry to maximize on space
  • Create recessed storage between wall studs and reclaim “hidden” space
  • Build everything in including the coffee maker, oven and water dispensers

There’s a growing movement in kitchen design that seeks to get rid of unnecessary storage. Whether it’s the Marie Kondo effect taking hold or simply the innate desire to get rid of clutter, upper cabinets are disappearing from kitchens in a major way. Replacing closed storage with open shelves creates more airy spaces that focus more on aesthetic appeal rather than practicality.

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