11 Benefits of a Large Kitchen Island


What are some of the benefits of installing a large kitchen island?

A large kitchen island can be a functional addition to your kitchen for cooking and storage. It can also serve as an area for gathering with family and friends when preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

Storage Space – With a large kitchen island, you can store the larger items that would normally clutter your kitchen. Many islands have a drawer for smaller items. They also offer space for mini-fridges and stoves to prevent clutter in your kitchen even further. Additional space is on top of the island for food preparation and serving.

Appliances – Some kitchens may not have enough room for a full-size stove, but with an island, you can add one. Large islands also allow for additional cooking appliances such as a microwave, rice cooker, or other small appliances that reduce the countertop space needed in your kitchen.

11 Benefits of a Large Kitchen Island

1. Storage Space

Your island is carved out to include a variety of storage areas. It can give the kitchen an open feel and provide the necessary storage for items that would otherwise clutter your countertops. You may have a large island, but you still have to ensure all the smaller items are in place, or they will get lost in all the open space. The additional storage will help keep things like food, utensils, and other small items in their place.

2. Appliances

Some island designs include a built-in stove and refrigerator, allowing it to be outfitted with nearly everything needed to prepare meals. Some models even have a large pan drawer or an additional prep area, which offers more storage space. The kitchen design can be tailored to your needs by adding appliances other than a stove. The size and shape of the island can also be customized to fit into the room in which it is located.

3. Functionality

The primary function of this large kitchen island is for extra storage, but it also provides a functional addition to the kitchen area. It allows you to create an open floor plan to assemble with family and friends while cooking and eating simultaneously. It is excellent for entertaining and preparing meals or helping with housework while spending quality time with your family in the kitchen. Adding an island to your kitchen can help create an open space that is functional and allows for the feeling of a family gathering.

4. Home Décor

If you want to turn your kitchen into a fancier, more welcoming environment for you and your family, the island can be considered an addition to the overall décor. You may not want it to be the focal point of a room but rather a subtle addition that plays well in any design scheme. The possibilities for applying this large kitchen island to the kitchen design are endless.

5. Kitchen Management

The functions of a large island include storage space, additional appliances, and even workstations where multiple tasks can be accomplished at once while preparing meals or running other jobs around the house. Kitchen contractor, designer, and author Lauren Cerand gives great tips on making the most of your kitchen island by downloading her free design guide. Some valuable tips include using baskets to contain small items and creating a more efficient storage system. She also mentions putting coasters under glasses, dishes, and anything else you would like to prevent from leaving marks or possible water damage on your island top or cabinets. Added storage space will allow for additional tableware or a secondary sink for easier cleanup during family gatherings, which can lead to many dishes.

6. Cleaning

An island can have a hard surface, so it can be hard to clean. It is especially true if it is not placed at an angle and receives little natural light. Even though you may have your sink set up in the center of an island, with the added storage space, you may also have items such as pots and pans that would be more difficult to clean in the cabinet area directly under the sink. If you add a dishwasher, line-drying dishes after preparing meals may take too long, even with a dishwasher! Adding baskets and shelves inside the kitchen island will help reduce clutter and make cleaning easier.

7. Security

With the addition of a dishwasher, you may also include a drawer or cabinet for additional cutlery and smaller cooking utensils. It will allow for some convenience when cooking, but it still leaves you with the risk of losing items that can be easily left out. A large island can also be a more secure area due to its elevated location and central location in the kitchen. An intruder can only sneak up on an island if they are spotted before they get too close. A large kitchen island can be the perfect place to store additional security measures.

8. Dining

The island can also be used for dining and preparing meals if your other cabinets need to be bigger or you want a central kitchen area to congregate around. It is even a good place for children to do their homework while they help out with meal preparation, but it also gives them their privacy away from everyone else in the kitchen. Consider including a cooling drawer underneath the central part of your island if you also plan on using it as a dining space. A dining room can be a great space to gather with friends or family, but this type of gathering area could quickly become overwhelming if it becomes too large and cluttered.

9. Occasional Tables

The large kitchen island can easily be converted into a dining table, but you may also want to use it as a second or third dining table when you want to socialize with family and friends. Placing the island right in front of the fireplace or over the gas stove could create an open, airy feeling. Even without any additional decorative elements, this ample space can be used for entertaining and impromptu dinners and parties.

10. Exteriors

If you do not have enough open space in the kitchen to allow for a large island, you can even build one outside. With the right direction and plan, you can use any part of your yard to create an island that is seasonally enclosed.

11. Shelving

The storage area inside the large kitchen island can be filled with shelving, even if it is not included in the design. You can add shelving to help with organization and organization, or you can use multiple hooks to eliminate the need for that chore. Be sure to use a durable material to last long and withstand repetitive use during family gatherings.

A kitchen island is not only functional, but it can also be a focal point. It can also be used for dining and entertaining, but could quickly become the focal point of your kitchen. The best part about this kitchen addition is that you do not have to remove walls or remodel your room to accommodate it. All you need is a large area, which may already exist in your room, and all you need to do is convert it into an open space fit for this type of addition.

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