10 Questions to Ask Kitchen Remodelers


Ask these questions before hiring kitchen remodelers. 

Are you looking to redesign your kitchen? A kitchen remodeling project gives you a shot at creating a new, lively space. Once you’ve pinned down the ideal layout by working with a designer, your custom kitchen is sure to meet all your needs.

Besides complementing your living room, it will be the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends.

Now’s a great time to start planning the home improvement process. But before you begin working with a general contractor, there are several key questions to consider.

For you to enjoy a smooth process, here are a few questions you need to ask your kitchen designer when planning to create your dream kitchen.

Do You Have a Catalog of Previous Kitchen Remodeling Work?

Ask your remodeling contractor to provide references. Remember, project management teams are only as good as their last renovation project.

Be sure to review their most recent kitchen renovation work. Before you hire a pro, it’s best to probe for details that reveal their levels of punctuality, communication mastery, knowledge of building codes, and work quality.

Aside from scrutinizing completed renovation work, it’ll also help if you can visit a job in progress. This approach ensures you learn more about a kitchen remodeler’s commitment to quality and safety concerns first-hand.

Do You Accept Kitchen Remodel Projects of Any Scope?

Some home improvement contractors specialize in specific types of projects. For instance, one contractor may focus on kitchens and bath additions while others concentrate on kitchen remodeling. You can save everyone’s time and money by asking this question before planning a site visit.

Do you Have a Project Management Team?

Expert kitchen remodelers make use of project management teams within their framework. Such a structure supports quality control initiatives and acts as a measure to enhance customer service.

Do You Run Multiple Projects at the Same Time?

It helps when you work with a company that dedicates time to your kitchen renovation project and has a long-term commitment with its subcontractors.

Be sure you and your general contractor have a good understanding of when and for how long their team will be on the site.

You’d also want the contractor to be clear about the estimated amount of time each stage of the kitchen remodel will take, plus any potential factors that may push the timeline out.

Are the Installers Bonded, Licensed, & Insured?

Whether you need renovations for your flooring or cabinetry, quartz countertops or other kitchen organization appliances—the linked installers should be bonded, licensed and insured.

Having these documentations shows proof of their expertise, training, and experience. Besides that, insurance coverage helps protect you from property damage or injuries to personnel on the site.

What Permits Does Your Home Improvement Project Need, and Can They Avail Them?

It’s a troubling sign if your general contractor is reluctant to grant this request. It will indicate that they’re not licensed. Permits are a meaningful tool to ascertain that the renovation work is up to code. For this reason, be sure to review these documents before the project begins.

What’s the Contractor’s Expected Payment Schedule?

It’s not unusual for you to put down a deposit (roughly 10%) to get started, but any request for more than this figure might be a red flag. Many contractors will not request money upfront. Even so, you must agree on a payment schedule and put the agreed-upon details in writing.

How Do Contractors Resolve Differences in Opinion?

Communication breakdowns can arise from either party, but how the general contractor responds to issues as they arise defines the customer experience.

Look for experiences where the contractor showed a willingness to resolve issues with the client, and you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Do the Specifics of the Contract Cover Everything?

Read the fine print. Go through the contract and ask for an explanation where you feel a clause isn’t clear. See to it the contract provides for a defined start and completion date in writing. Much can change during a remodel project, but having a plan as a reference point ensures all parties have clear expectations plus an understanding of what will happen—and when.

That said, it’d be a good idea to ask the contractor about items not included in the contract. Doing so limits conflicts during the project.

Do You Have Affiliations with Industry Organizations?

Having a solid relationship with local building associations, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, among others, is a great sign your contractor is legitimate.

Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen Space?

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