10 Ideas for a New Room Addition to Your Home


Room Addition Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Square Footage

Looking to add more space to your home? While it’s possible to do so by breaking down a wall or reconfiguring an existing space, room addition is advantageous in that it provides the square footage you desire while also increasing your home’s value.

Planning a home addition requires you to consider the overall character of your home and comply with local ordinances. But beyond these basics, here are 10 home addition ideas that will greatly improve the functionality of your home.

1. Add a season room

Sunrooms are a massively popular alternative to a full room addition. A sunroom bridges indoor and outdoor spaces to provide a supplemental living area. It’s a transitional space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while buffering you from nature’s elements.

Sunroom additions come in different designs and take on different names depending on their functionality, such as solariums, three-season, and four-season sunrooms.

2. Let in the light with windows

If your living space is sorely lacking in natural light, consider replacing the walls with floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only will this give you a great view of the outdoors and an increased sense of space, but it will also instill your home with a beauty that will stand the test of time.

3. Tack on a bathroom addition

Many homebuyers don’t even consider adding a bathroom when home remodeling because the cost may seem prohibitively expensive due to additional plumbing requirements. But it doesn’t have to be. The right contractor will work with your existing layout and within your budget.

You can also add a half-bath in an under-utilized small space like under the stairs. Extending the master bathroom with a soaking tub/dual sinks also lists among the great room addition ideas.

4. How about an in-law suite?

In-law suites are perfect for housing out-of-town guests, extended family members (as the name suggests), and even your kids when they’re home from college. The average cost of an in-law suite heavily depends on the size of the addition since in-law suites come complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchenette.

Aside from the convenience they provide, in-law suites are a great investment. Some people even rent out the space on sites like Airbnb when they’re not in use, making them a valuable investment.

5. Bump out your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen, even on a minor scale, will enhance the way your home looks and feels. A kitchen bump-out extends your kitchen area into available space in your backyard or side yard.

You can expand square footage by adding a walk-in pantry or breakfast nook. Even a micro-addition of about 100 square feet can have a tremendous impact on your home’s value. Moreover, it allows for more spacious cabinetry and provides the option for an open concept design that lets you merge the dining room to the living area.

6. Go up with second story home addition

Is your house feeling more than a little cramped? Ripping the roof off your house and adding a second story can essentially double the footprint of your home. While all this space comes at a pretty penny, it significantly adds to the resale value of your home.

Work with an experienced builder who will consider your home’s structure and foundation when coming up with a design.

7. Put a room over the garage

Now, this is one of the most effective ways to gain bedroom space. The right contractor will match the gables and windows with the house’s overall façade to ensure harmony. When completed properly, garage additions can add to the curb appeal of your home since they often face the street.

Adding a garage will give your home an exterior upgrade while providing the extra space you need.

8. Get the master bedroom you’ve always wanted

Master bedrooms are some of the most common room addition ideas. Connect the primary bedroom to the outdoors by adding a balcony space. It adds privacy and allows you to enjoy the sunlight as it streams through the additional space.

Plus, you can build up instead of out by adding your master suite to an existing ground floor space like a porch.

9. Finish the attic

As far as home remodeling projects go, an attic offers unlimited potential and will save you money compared to other extensive additions. Attics aren’t just for storage. Convert the attic into livable space by turning it into a guest bedroom, gym, home office, or art studio.

10. Family room addition

Often the decision to build an addition is based on the size and design of the family room. You can remove walls and adjust the floor plans to provide the extra space you need. Your lifestyle is central to the design of a family room, and hence the design should match. Reconfigure the space to accommodate your dining and entertainment needs.

The Contractor Matters

It’s crucial to hire the right contractor for residential renovations as this will ensure the success of your remodel. Reach out to Avery Construction today for added value coupled with remarkable design and attention to detail. Our team has years of experience with residential renovations, including room additions, bathroom additions, and kitchen remodeling. Contact us today for a free consultation.