How to Improve Your Shower with These 10 Shower Remodel Ideas


Shower Remodel Ideas to Consider During Your Renovation Project

They say your bathroom ought to feel like a haven, and we couldn’t agree more. So, if you feel like you’re no longer getting a good experience every time you use your shower, then it’s about time you considered a bathroom remodel.

That said, it’s important to know that bathroom renovations need not be comprehensive; it all depends on your goal. Do you wish to begin the renovation process and need recommendations? You’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve highlighted ten shower remodel ideas that will stand the test of time.

How Major Do You Want Your Shower Remodel Project to Be?

Several factors will determine how extensive your shower renovation project will be. These include:

  • Budget – This aspect is perhaps the most significant. A solid financial plan helps you avoid surprises or disappointments.
  • Utilization – How many people use this shower? You may want to consider installing double sinks if it’s a shared bathroom. Plus, if you have kids, then it would be best to have fewer glass structures.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is whether your shower will be accessible to elderly or disabled guests.
  • Design – You’ll want to select a bathroom design that will stand the test of time. Something you’ll look back and love ten years down the line.
  • Space – Typically the area differs depending on the shower type. For instance, a master suite will have larger dimensions than a guest bath. The room, therefore, will influence the extensiveness of the bathroom remodel from fixtures to shower models.


Cost of Shower Features

Walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are suitable for people with mobility problems. They have graded flooring, which supports draining. The prices for this shower type vary based on where you live. So, people living in Silicon Valley will pay more than those living here in Tampa Bay.

A walk-in shower can cost anywhere from $700 to $10,000. Best part, these shower types are easier to clean as they lack ledges.

Makeup shower cubicle

Makeup shower cubicles, a.k.a. shower stalls, are an excellent option for those with limited budgets. They typically come in laminate or cast fiberglass and go for about $500.

Tub and shower combination

While it is a traditional bathroom design, the construction of a tub and shower in one area is still a go-to shower remodel option. We only recommend that you invest in a good-quality water heater. Skip the glass door if you’re going to be giving children baths. The average cost of this combo is $500.


The cost of tiles varies based on the material. Ceramic tile can cost about $7 per square foot, and porcelain tiles go for $5. Other types like marble and polished stone tile go for $6 and $11, respectively.

Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling costs differ based on the type of shower fixtures, elements, and model. And will fall under three categories.

  • Basic shower remodel – This project will cost anywhere from $400 to $2000. Also, you’ll probably use fewer and cheaper shower features such as acrylic shower kits, simple showerheads, cheap ceramic tiles, and glass doors.
  • Mid-grade shower remodel – This renovation project will require a slightly bigger budget of about $4800. Plus, you get a chance to purchase better quality such as glass tile accents, new flooring, and rain showerheads.
  • Top-notch shower remodel – This remodel plan is ideal for you if you are not worried about costs. With $10,000, you can go for jetted tubs, frameless shower doors, more oversized shower stalls, and custom shower tiles. You may want to replace your shower pan if cracked and redo the shower walls in the process.

Ten Shower Remodel Ideas to Consider During Your Next Home Renovation Project

1. Modern elements

Regardless of the kind of aesthetic you want, incorporating modern designs could be what you need to give your bathroom an upgrade. For instance, you could go for the minimalist theme of monochromatic color schemes and minimal decoration.

Alternatively, you could go for the ultra-modern design, featuring see-through elements like wall-size windows and a transparent tub. If you are feeling rather extravagant, go for a futuristic bathroom. This design features minimalist yet unique pieces like radiator showers and 3D design shower curtains.

2. Farmhouse

Farmhouse bathrooms are the epitome of simplicity. Furthermore, you have the option of mixing these designs with vintage elements or modern to match the rest of the house.

Think of wood, stoneware, and rustic décor. We recommend sticking to neutrals for your walls. Other features to consider include shiplap, rustic drawers, and lantern sconces.

3. Smarten up

Now we are not talking about adding cameras or video-conferencing equipment. However, you could incorporate tech to make your shower more efficient, convenient, and more relaxing if you have the budget for it. Some of the smart trends to consider during your remodel include:

  • Warming vanity drawers
  • Heated flooring
  • Smart mirrors
  • Touchless toilets
  • Smart monitors
  • Digital faucets

4. Go green

If you did not hop on the trend of buying houseplants at the height of the pandemic, it’s time to reconsider that decision. Indoor plants are organic air purifiers because they reduce the air pollutants in homes through absorption, filtration, and dilution. For these additions, we recommend choosing plants that flourish in humid conditions like ferns.

5. Add shelving for storage

Another cool shower remodel idea is to add new storage in the shower by utilizing rarely used areas. For instance, you could install niches. Other options include corner or inverted shelving based on your budget and needs.

6. Go natural

Natural elements are a popular choice for bathrooms because of their elegance and warmth. Here, you could go for stone tiles. Plus, you could add some natural wood to serve as a basin or shower mat of some sort.

7. Upgrade shower fixtures

If you are looking for a low-budget remodel option, then upgrading your fixtures will do the trick. Most bathrooms tend to have nickel features. Incorporating gold accents or bronze is a simple but elegant way of giving your shower an uplift.

8. Make it “Zen

Zen bathrooms are very popular these days for a reason. Today’s hectic lifestyle intensifies the need for a relaxing space. And as a calm oasis in a busy and strenuous business and life setting, a Zen style theme for your bathroom is a welcome answer when you return home. Zen-like bathroom décor provides a simple and soothing solution.

Here’s few things you can add to achieve this theme:

  • Décor elements like scented candles, meditation statues, water fountains, and wall hangings
  • Neutral finishes
  • Plants
  • Uncluttered plumbing layout

9. Create a seamless shower

Seamless showers are a fantastic way to transform your bathroom into a more unified and stylish look. This shower model makes use of natural light, minimizes mold, and is overall an intelligent splurge.

10. Add some contrast

Most people prefer neutrals to bold colors for their homes. Your bathroom is an exception. One way to add some contrast is by mix and match.

Here, you could incorporate different materials like wood and brass. Or combine décor from various designs like modern and farmhouse.

Looking To Remodel Your Shower? Contact Avery Construction

Shower remodeling is an intricate process. While you may think DIY renovations may help you save money, this is not the case. Hiring professionals guarantees that the products used are genuine and ensures the remodel stands the test of time.

Avery Construction has a team of experienced residential contractors who can bring life back to your bathroom. Besides shower remodels, we also provide kitchen remodeling and room additions services. You can visit our website to learn more about room remodeling services, view residential renovations before and after, or call us at 855-447-9675 to request a quote.