10 Tips for a Small Kitchen Remodel


Trendy Small Kitchen Remodels for a Modern Home

Everyone dreams of a large, spacious kitchen, with tons of natural light pouring through massive windows. But in reality, you probably have to contend with a small, oddly shaped kitchen. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. With a little bit of creativity and an eye for functionality, even small spaces can turn into fantastic kitchens. Small kitchen remodels can be a real challenge. But don’t give up just yet; it’s entirely possible to transform your claustrophobic kitchen into a gorgeous yet functional space. You just need some inspiration. Keep reading for 10 small kitchen ideas to help you make the most of your space, even with limited square footage.

1. Brighten Your Kitchen With White

White is your best friend in a small kitchen; it makes any room bigger and brighter. Despite bolder color schemes becoming more popular in kitchen design over the years, white has never gone out of style. It can make any kitchen look modern, classic, and full of character. What’s more, white works especially well as a blank space creating endless possibilities for personalization.

2. Make a Splash With Bold Colors

If you’d like to inject some color into your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to borrow colors from Mother Nature.

Add depth to your kitchen space with wood tones and earthy neutrals. Start with a base of warm white and use organic hues like olive green as accents to add interesting contrast while still keeping your kitchen bright and airy.

Here’s another trick: Paint your wall trim and moldings a lighter color than your walls. The walls will appear further back, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Open Up Your Space With Creative Lighting

If you have access to natural light, bring it into your kitchen by knocking down a wall and replacing it with floor-to-ceiling windows. Understandably, that’s not always an option, so consider using light fixtures to expand your kitchen.

Finding the right lighting for a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a headache. Pendant lights, are perfect for illuminating small kitchens as they don’t take up too much space and they’re great for task lighting.

4. Create a Focal Point

A focal point, is quite simply, a centerpiece that catches the eye when you first enter a space. It can be many things in a small kitchen, sometimes it’s something as simple as a beautiful view outside a window or a kitchen island, if you have the floor space for one. If that’s not possible, use two-tone kitchen cabinetry to add contrast and create an eye-catching focal point.

5. Connect to the Outdoors

Picture this: double French doors leading to your back porch from your small galley kitchen. Even a foldable door or a series of glass windows will do the trick.

The idea here is to create visual connectivity between the kitchen inside and your backyard. Doing so adds another dimension to the setting while bringing plenty of the greenery outside to your small kitchen. It makes for a delightful small kitchen remodel you’re bound to love.

6. Say Goodbye to Upper Cabinets

Removing upper cabinets will instantly make your kitchen feel larger. You’ll reclaim a lot of eye-level wall space that would have otherwise been boxed in. Replace the cabinets with a beautiful backsplash, expansive windows or display shelves. Such a move will ensure your kitchen feels more open and airier.

Another way to make a small kitchen appear larger is to replace cabinet doors with glass. You get to create depth because the walls will feel further away.

7. Smart Storage Solutions

No one ever has enough kitchen storage or counter space. Without a doubt, the biggest concern with ditching upper cabinets is the loss of storage. Yes, your kitchen is small, as it is, but worry not! There are plenty of storage solutions you can implement.

Open shelving is a perfect small kitchen storage solution that allows you to customize your cabinetry to maximize your space. Turn cabinet and pantry shelves into drawers or bring in a slim kitchen island to create space for prepping and conversation.

8. Bring in Mirrors

Yes, mirrors are a great addition to any kitchen. Adding mirrors is a budget-friendly small kitchen remodel idea that will make your home look seemingly larger and brighter. You can use a mirror as a decorative element, or better yet, replace your kitchen backsplash and cabinet doors with reflective glass. The glass surfaces will help the light in your kitchen travel better, thereby expanding the space within.

9. Add a Touch of Opulence

One perk of a small kitchen remodel is that it costs a lot less to deck out. Your backsplash and countertops are practically begging for some luxury treatment. Splurge on some lavish marble to brighten up the space and add some metallics to give your room more presence. Reflective materials like bright white quartz will make your kitchen feel spacious.

In the same spirit, brightly colored kitchen flooring helps create the illusion of a much larger kitchen. Unless you have a galley kitchen, smaller floor tiles can make the kitchen feel busy and crowded.

10. Prioritize the Functionality of Your Kitchen

A lot of homeowners struggle with small kitchen remodels because they want a little of everything in their kitchen. Above all, your small kitchen design must be functional.

Create space for:

  • Food storage
  • Utensils and
  • Prepping
  • Cleaning and waste management

Organizing your kitchen into zones allows for neat interior design without compromising on functionality.

Planning a Small Kitchen Remodel?

The key to remodeling a small kitchen is to strike a balance between form and functionality. You need to work with a contractor who’s experienced in small kitchen remodels and with the skills to incorporate your aesthetic preferences into the design.

Avery Home Remodeling is a kitchen contractor in Clearwater with the expertise and experience you need to bring your dream kitchen to a reality. Our team has remodeled hundreds of small kitchens, bringing our clients’ visions into reality without going over budget. See what our team has to offer by contacting us today to schedule a free kitchen remodeling consultation.