10 Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom to a Smart Bathroom


Smart Bathroom Trends for 2022

As far as home improvement goes, smart home devices can add convenience to your daily life by providing more security and helping you cut down on energy costs. The bathroom is often the last room people think of automating, but there are some indisputably practical advantages to including smart bathroom technology in your home.

A smart bathroom gives you complete control and customization of your daily routine, from temperature control to water management.

Let’s look at some smart home products that can elevate your lifestyle and add to the value of your home.

1. Voice control in the bathroom

Digital assistants like Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant, and Siri are an almost ubiquitous part of modern life. You can incorporate these devices into your bathroom to make life easier and transform your bathroom into a “wellness oasis.” Think about it. A voice command is all it would take to run a bubble bath or preheat the toilet seat.

Voice control ramps up the functionality of your devices and allows for a less hands-on experience in your bathroom.

2. Smart toilets

Speaking of preheated toilet seats, smart toilets are usually the most in-demand smart bathroom device. They’re designed to take up less space and are more hygienic because they’re hands-free and self-cleaning. While they carry a higher upfront cost, these smart devices are worth the investment.

They often come with seat warming, ambient lighting, and eco-friendly functionality. Some even come with Bluetooth speakers and WiFi so you can listen to music.

3. Interactive LED mirrors

You can find smart mirrors in various retail centers like exhibition display stands, car showrooms, and changing rooms. However, you can bring this technology to your home to make your morning and night routines more enjoyable. These mirrors are outfitted with LED lights to help optimize our skincare and makeup routines. You can catch news updates, weather forecasts, and traffic reports or check your calendar for appointments through the built-in display.

4. Smart showers

Imagine a shower that is always at the perfect temperature—no more messing around with the knob as the water changes from scalding hot one minute to absolutely freezing the next. Smart showers are safe and provide precise and consistent water temperature. They save you time and come with water monitors to help you save on water usage.

5. Soaking tubs

Do you love taking a long soak in the bath? A smart bathtub can make your bath time feel more decadent than ever. With voice control, you can start a bubble bath, light some scented candles, and fire up some music. Take it a step further by including controls that create hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and thermotherapy features for the ultimate relaxation experience.

6. Smart washer and dryer

From features like auto-dosing that detect the right amount of detergent needed to energy-saving capabilities, smart washers and dryers provide a superior laundry experience. They make your life easier and help you save water and energy. They even prevent your clothes from getting destroyed or ruined by the wrong settings.

7. Smart water faucets

Now, these devices are essential in a smart bathroom. They come equipped with temperature gauges and efficiency sensors to control water usage. Thanks to the hands-free feature, you can easily wash your hands and prevent the spread of germs. They’re customizable, which means you can set your desired water temperature in advance.

As such, smart water faucets are a great way to reduce water and energy waste, leading to better bathroom efficiency.

8. Smart scales

Including a smart scale in your bathroom can help you monitor the progress of your training and weight management programs. Get feedback on your BMI, muscle mass, and body fat percentage to get a more comprehensive picture of your health. You can sync your bathroom scale with other smart devices like fitness trackers and monitor other parameters like your resting heart rate and blood pressure.

9. Floor heating system

Floor heating systems are designed to generate heat to keep your feet and home warm all winter long. Unlike a traditional radiator, you can keep your floors at a more comfortable and even temperature throughout the entire bathroom. They’re more energy-efficient as they require little electricity to keep your bathroom warm.

Moreover, you get to free up wall space and feel the heat sooner than traditional heating.

10. Adjustable privacy glass

Integrated smart glass uses electro-chromatic technology to change opacity. They can change from transparent to a frosted appearance at the flick of a switch or voice command. It allows you to create a larger sense of space flooded with natural light and can also offer privacy when needed. Smart glass can also be programmed to activate with movement sensors and remote controls to activate the privacy features.

What’s more, you can set the glass to opaque and project movies or news shows straight from your phone, so you can stay connected as you brush your teeth or take a bath.

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