Your First Florida Home Remodeling Project Should Include This Room

This room should be your first Florida home remodeling project

Whilst the bathroom isn’t exactly the heart of your Florida home, it is a great room to start your home remodeling experience with professional design and build assistance. This is because bathrooms:

  • Have a few necessary fixtures
  • Have a lot of scope for creativity
  • Can be done on a smaller or large budget
  • Add value to your home when they are renovated properly
  • Can usually be worked around during the renovation process, unlike, say, a kitchen
  • Adds considerable quality to your lifestyle

Top trends for bathroom renovations include:

  • Large showers: Big, airy showers with lots of glass are right on trend, giving homeowners a sense of exceptional luxury. Some homeowners are doing away with shower walls altogether for a completely open, European feel.
  • Light: Airy bathrooms that are full of light are a must-have for anyone who wants a true sanctuary. Not only does this increased airflow help keep bathrooms dry and mold-free, it also means loads of natural light and even a view if you’re lucky.
  • Soaking tubs: Rather than a busy, bubbling jacuzzi, renovators are choosing large soaking tubs for an added sense of serenity. Often, these tubs are freestanding rather than built in, with lines that give the tub plenty of character.
  • Separate vanities: Giving you each your own space to brush your teeth and store your own toiletries makes bathrooms less cluttered and much easier to use.
  • Heating: Heated towel rails and in-floor heating will keep you perfectly warm in winter even after you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower. They are also ideal for helping your towels to dry out faster.


For more information on bathroom renovations and for assistance in designing and building a great bathroom that will give you plenty of satisfaction for years to come please contact us today at Avery Home Remodeling.