10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


Top 10 Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most utilized areas in your home. Apart from significantly affecting the entire household, if not fully functional, a bathroom also impacts your home’s resale value. For this reason, it’s only practical to remodel a bathroom after several years.

Let’s discuss 10 reasons why you may need to remodel your bathroom.

1. You Want to Give It a Facelift

Does your bathroom look dated? Nothing against vintage designs. However, if your bathroom has old and ugly-looking tiles or looks cluttered with accessories, it’s high time you considered remodeling.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to mean breaking down walls unless you’ve got the budget. A modest upgrade like improving natural ventilation or installing hidden toilet tanks will do the trick. Moreover, if you work with a professional home remodeling contractor, they can help you narrow down your selections making the bathroom remodeling project more convenient through years of experience and connections with suppliers.

2. You Need More Storage

The longer you stay in a home, the more products you amass. The same applies to a bathroom. Over time, cabinets and drawers can no longer accommodate all your items, from towels to cleaning supplies.

Another thing, no one likes a cluttered countertop. Now, remodeling a bathroom is the best way to increase storage.

Things to bear in mind during your remodeling project:

  • Place cabinets underneath the sink if you’re working with a compact bathroom
  • Consider installing waterproof plywood to prolong the cabinets’ lifespan
  • A medium-density fibreboard is an excellent alternative to plywood if you are on a lean budget.

3. To Accommodate Your Current Lifestyle

Everyone’s needs are constantly changing. For instance, you may have bought the home when the kids weren’t in the picture. Let’s say the situation has changed, and you realize the bathroom isn’t child-friendly.

Another reason to remodel a bathroom is if an elderly loved one is moving in or you are approaching retirement age. Remodeling is a sure way to make the space more suitable for your current needs.

4. Repair Damage

Bathrooms experience wear and tear from prolonged use. For instance, you might experience plumbing problems, decay or mold, and mildew due to moisture exposure.

Comprehensive leaks often require demolition. As a result, choosing to remodel a bathroom makes sense. It allows you to fit functional features like shower screens, slip-resistant flooring, and better drainage pipes.

5. Energy Efficiency

You have noticed the high utility bills. In 2021, 20% of Americans couldn’t pay their energy bills. One way to minimize these costs is by installing energy and water-saving bathroom features. For instance, a low-flow showerhead will reduce your usage, preventing wastage.

6. Improve Home Value

Home remodeling does not always guarantee returns. However, experts have found bathroom remodeling to be an excellent investment. According to HGTV, a minor remodel entailing tub re-glazing or tile updates could offer an average return of 102% during resale. Remember, you ought to hire pros to ensure the quality is A1.

7. You Wish to Introduce SMART Elements

Smart technology bathrooms are convenient and increase savings. For instance, smart toilets include elements like touch-free lids and lighting.

Others are self-cleaning, making them more hygienic. Another item to consider is an interactive mirror. It comes with an inbuilt display that allows you to view news updates and appointments.

A smart shower is perhaps the most beneficial. It has various controls, including temperature and shower duration. These showers could help you conserve about 3% of the normal water used each month.

8. To Include Seating Areas

Seating areas are an excellent way to make your bathroom even more relaxing. Moreover, adding a teak bathroom seat is critical if you have a loved one with mobility problems.

9. To Add Another Bathroom

Another reason homeowners decide to remodel is to install a new bathroom. Here’s why:

  • To turn a bedroom into a master ensuite
  • Convert a closet to a half bath

Furthermore, you might want to have a bathroom on a floor that lacks one, such as the basement or the ground floor hallway.

10. To Re-Equip the Electrical Wiring

An electrical upgrade is yet another critical reason to remodel a bathroom. There are several benefits of re-equipping electricals. First of all, it ensures your bathroom electrical systems are up to the latest building codes. Secondly, an upgrade helps reduce fire risks.

Plus, if you live in an old house but utilize the newest power appliances, you might have a problem. Finally, if electrical upgrades weren’t part of the remodeling project, making the needed improvements lets you take advantage of the bathroom renovation.

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