7 Ideas for a New Room Addition


Space-Expanding Designs: 7 Home Addition Ideas to Add Square Footage to Your Home

Love your home but need more space? Home addition ideas are what you need. These simple room additions can spare you millions trying to acquire new real estate and the stress of relocating your family to a new estate.

Home remodeling can help you transform your deck into a gym, move your kitchen outdoors to have space for a bar or add some square footage to your home.

To help inspire your next home improvement project, here’s a selection of fabulous home addition ideas to help you create the home of your dreams!

Home Addition Ideas

A home improvement project can be fulfilling. From small room additions such as breakfast nooks, adding a room to your home can vastly improve your life.

That said, it is vital to be mindful of the costs involved when designing and building new rooms. Whether you’re trying to actualize small or large home addition ideas, having an adequate budget from the start is key.

Scroll through these home addition ideas to get started.

1. Consider an Additional Bathroom

Let’s say you have four or five bedrooms but keep getting into arguments with members of your household over issues like hot water and extended bathroom time, it is time to add a second bathroom.

If you do not have enough room, you can turn your half-bath into a luxury bath, add some bathroom space in your guest room or convert your mudroom into a fully functional bathroom/spa.

2. Major Master Suite Addition

Yes, you also need some luxurious and functional extra space for your ‘me time.’ A custom-designed master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a snug sleeping area and a spa-like bathroom is the perfect way to go.

A white paneled ceiling is an excellent option if you want to keep the room extra bright by bouncing back the natural light. Plus, try out light-colored or floral trail drapes and upholstery to link your room with your balcony.

3. A Spacious Home Office

Stop trying to get cozy in the dining room, getting sidetracked by your Netflix or Hulu subscription in the living room, or falling asleep at the laptop on the hammock. Instead, make some home additions and dedicate some home office space that allows you to clear your projects.

Install large windows for natural light during the day, but add some lighting essentials for overnight tasks. Plenty of inspiration-sparking plants and a built-in, ergonomically-designed desk and chair complete the picture.

4. Luxe Out Your Home With An Outdoor Kitchen

As a popular home addition idea, adding a fully functional outdoor kitchen gives you extra space to share a meal with your family or friends. A basic outdoor kitchen design has a built-in refrigerator, grill, and sink.

However, if you are an outdoor buff, you can add some built-in pizza ovens, bars, hibachi grills, islands, and stove enclaves. As a plus, include exquisite backsplashes and custom details.

Not sure how to go about creating an outdoor kitchen? Schedule a consultation with our kitchen contractors and make your kitchen dreams come true!

5. Breakfast Nook

Modern homeowners expect their kitchen spaces to be eat-in, but most homes are not designed that way. If your kitchen is not eat-in, you can try redesigning the walls to create a breakfast nook.

A small, enhanced breakfast nook is a budget-friendly and seamless way to make your kitchen an eat-in space.

6. Pimp Your Outdoor Deck With A Home Gym

Why struggle for space with your car or gaming collection as you build up a sweat when you can have an entire dedicated, bright space built to spark workout motivation?

Need a gorgeous and functional home gym? All you have to do is transform your outdoor deck by enclosing part of your deck plus install some luxe floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the view as you crack up a sweat.

Or, you could have a completely new gym room addition. The possibilities are endless!

7. Create a Common Space With Family Room Additions

Out of all the home addition ideas, a family room is the most important. Why? Because it allows you to design a perfect environment to share stories, jokes, and a meal with your family.

You have numerous options, beyond just having extra living space. You can have a fireplace, large glass windows, and multi-season heating and cooling fans.

What’s more, it is the best room to express your style by arranging wall galleries or displaying your unique travel mementos on a bookshelf.

Inspired yet? Adding a room to your home can be exciting. Just do not get mucked up in the creativity cloud and forget the simple basics.

Don’t know where to start? At Avery Home Construction, we help you actualize your home addition ideas. Schedule a free consultation with our master suite, kitchen and bathroom contractors in Clearwater today and be a step closer to toasting a new, luxurious and homey space in no time!