3 Key things to Look For When Hiring Home Renovation Contractors


3 Key Things to Check When Selecting Home Renovation Contractors

Home improvement projects require proper research. You need time to find the best home renovation contractors to complete the work for you. It’s wise to do your homework to ensure you hire a contractor with relevant experience. It’s also important to know which questions to ask.

Are you considering home improvements? Here are three things to ask home renovation contractors before any work begins.

1. Research and Narrow Down the List of Potential Home Renovation Contractors

Performing a search for “home renovation contractors near me” will have you looking at a long list of renovation contractor companies. Filtering online search results can be time-consuming, but provide the best results based on actual results. We also recommend taking advantage of your network. For instance, if you bought your current home using a trustworthy realtor, ask them if there are any home renovation contractors they would recommend.

A few things to check before narrowing down include:

  • Their online presence – Does the contractor’s website make you feel like they would be the right team for your home renovation project?
  • Online reviews – Have they received any reviews, and are they positive? A contractor’s reputation is significant. Remember, this is someone you will let into your home and trust to get the job done right.
  • Their past work – Has the contractor posted their work online, and do the images look real?
  • Experience – Kitchen and bathroom remodel projects require home renovation contractors with years of experience.
  • Transparency – Unless you work in the industry, the remodeling process can be perplexing. For this reason, you want to identify home renovation contractors willing to break down each cost and function.

2. Reach Out and Book an Initial Consultation With Home Renovation Contractors

Some things to look out for include customer service and their overall communication processes. Take note about whether the contractor answers all of your questions. Also, assess whether the general contractor centers the conversation around your remodeling needs.

Here is a list of must-ask questions:

A Few Service Questions to Ask:

a) How long will it take to complete this project?

The renovation timeline depends on several factors. For instance, a kitchen remodeling project is more intricate and time-consuming than a bathroom remodeling project. Find out whether they are available during weekends because that would mean your home repair project would take a shorter time.

b) Do you offer any warranties?

c) What is your license number?

d) Do you have a list of similar home remodeling projects? How were their results?

e) Has your business ever operated under a different name?

f) Are you able to provide references?

g) Are you a member of any professional associations?

3. Pay Attention to the Contractor’s Follow-Up Process

Now that you have had a consultation with a few remodeling contractors, it’s time to decide which contractor to choose. If you have difficulty choosing one, pay attention to each team’s follow-up process. A contractor that follows up immediately and has a working style you feel comfortable with is the right one for you.

Things You Ought to Know Before You Green-light a Home Improvement Project

There are other factors to consider besides the contractor’s checklist.

Legal Requirements

Some kitchen and bathroom remodel projects involve wiring and plumbing changes which require permits. Therefore, you (or the contractor in some cases) must obtain permits from the local authorities before any work begins. Failing to do so can be costly. Your contractor or the home builders association can help determine whether your home improvement project needs a specific permit.

Contractor Bid

Always examine every section of the agreement before signing the contract. Do not hesitate to inquire about phrases that seem puzzling. Remember to ask if there is any information not included in the contract.

Ensure you have a clear sense of allowances of line items. Research beforehand the prices of everything you wish to buy during the remodeling project. Speak to your contractor for a more accurate cost.

Fair Payment Schedule

The home renovation contractor will give a payment schedule matching the project’s timeline. Typically, you’ll offer them an initial payment, followed by regular installments and one final one when the renovation is complete. Having this payment schedule information at the start is best so you can budget.

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