Top Trends for Kitchen Makeovers in 2023


What are some trends for kitchen makeovers in 2023?

Today’s kitchen makeovers give you a ton of different options that will help your home be more functional, inviting, and simply attractive. There are many to choose from, so our team has put together a list of our favorite kitchen design trends for 2023. Pick a few and take your kitchen to the next level!

Kitchen Extension

Many of today’s kitchen makeovers boil down to an extension of the space. In other words, instead of the kitchen being enclosed, it’s expanded to include spaces such as the dining room, pantry, and maybe even a half bath. This type of open floor plan is a great way to add flexibility and style to this section of your home. It also creates a natural flow between the connected rooms and spaces.

Lighter and Brighter

The best kitchens in today’s homes are those that shine brightly thanks to natural light. Some homeowners will install huge windows to really brighten up this area of their home. At the same time, they choose lighter colors that really take advantage of the sunlight. If you don’t have a way to use more natural light, there are some effective products on the market that emulate the sun to a reasonable degree.

Eco-Friendly Features

Homeowners are increasingly interested in sustainability. They want to create a kitchen that’s eco-friendly by adding LED bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, water-efficient fixtures, and other technological advances that focus on “going green.” Another way they’re helping the environment is by choosing a timeless design so that their kitchen won’t need to be redone or have materials replaced for many years to come.

Smart Technology

If you haven’t been shopping for new appliances in a while, you’re probably not even aware that everything from refrigerators to microwaves can use smart technology such as wi-fi connectivity, remote monitoring, touchless faucets, voice-activated appliances, and much more. While some homeowners will love the convenience and “neat factor” of smart technology, they’re actually designed to save time and money.

Larger Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have always been popular, but now they’re bigger than ever. One of the reasons for this is that many homeowners and visitors treat the kitchen as the heart of the home because that’s where you spend time creating amazing dishes, eating meals, and maybe even hanging out. A large kitchen island also gives more flexibility because of added features including storage space and customized sections.

Organic Materials

Now more than ever, organic materials are being added to wish lists across the country. In 2023, we can expect natural stone countertops, natural wood cabinets, and eco-friendly materials to be very popular. This is going much further than the actual kitchen design, though.

Homeowners are now turning to items such as wood or glass bowls rather than plastic. This is a great way to support the environment with the use of organic materials while improving the look and feel of your kitchen.

Warm, Inviting Colors

Many of today’s kitchens are filled with warm, inviting colors. We expect this trend to continue into 2023 and beyond. In the past, we saw many homeowners turn to bold colors, but now it’s more about going a little lighter.

You can start with a white kitchen and then add a pop of color here and there. This is a wonderful way to create a gorgeous kitchen area, which can be extended outward to other parts of your home.

Electronic Upgrades

In addition to smart technology mentioned above, homeowners are also adding other types of electronic upgrades. Perhaps you’d like a faucet with an LED light that changes color with the temperature of the water so you can prevent kids and some adults from putting their hands under scalding water. A popular trend has been adding outlets and USB ports so that people can charge their mobile devices in the kitchen.

Concealed Storage

Anyone who owns a home learns very quickly that kitchen storage is a hot commodity. The best solution for 2023 is to use concealed storage for everything from pots and pans to hand towels and spices. Another popular kitchen design is to take countertop appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, mixers, etc. and install some as under-counter appliances or conceal them in a cabinet.

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