9 Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas for You


A few ideas to improve your master bathroom vanity.

There’s just something about the master bathroom that’s really special. One of the most popular features of a master bathroom is the vanity. Even a simple bathroom vanity can add function and style to the space.

Making changes to your vanity is a relatively quick and easy home improvement project. That’s why it’s one of the most popular bathroom upgrades. As professionals, we have tons of master bathroom vanity ideas, and we’d like to share with you some of our favorites.

Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas – New Coat of Paint

The most obvious of all master bathroom vanity ideas is to put on a new coat of paint. A fresh and exciting paint color will not only transform your vanity but also the entire bathroom. If you’re going to paint the bathroom itself, then this is an opportunity to give everything an entirely new look. Make it all match, and you’ll impress your guests!

Add Legs for Height

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your vanity, why not give it a little more height? It’s actually very easy to install legs on a vanity, but you can always ask a professional to do it for you. You don’t even need to lift it up too much to give the entire thing a new look and feel.

Just a few inches will do the trick. Plus, you don’t want it to be too tall in case you have household members who are “vertically challenged.”

Install New Handles

The installation of new handles is an easy addition to any vanity improvement project. Some homeowners will switch out their handles once per year or so just to give their vanity a slightly new appearance. As you can imagine, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of handle designs available. They come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that will give your vanity some personality.

Add a Storage Space

One of the best master bathroom vanity ideas that we can give you is to add storage space. What you can do is install a small cabinet to separate the vanity sinks. Or perhaps you have room below the vanity where you could add a couple of shelves. Not only will this allow you to easily store more items, but it can also give you the appearance of a larger bathroom.

Change to Marble

We love marble countertops, and we bet you do, too. Marble is extremely popular, but some people avoid it because of the extra cost involved. However, since most vanities aren’t very big (unless you have a double vanity), the cost will be minimal.

Even if you don’t change anything else about your vanity, a marble countertop will completely transform its appearance. Of course, if you do make a few more changes, the impact will be even more phenomenal!

Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas – Install Open Shelves

We touched on the installation of shelves just above, but we wanted to specifically focus on the idea of open shelves. This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of installing doors that need to be opened to access the things inside, simply install the shelves and leave the space open for a unique look. This allows quicker access, so you’re getting a better appearance and more convenience.

Add a Fabric Skirt

Are you getting the idea that we really, really want to talk you into installing shelves? Well, we do because they add functionality and look fantastic. If you don’t want your bathroom products to be out in the open, you can simply install a tension rod and a small curtain or skirt to cover things up. You can easily switch this out every once in a while to keep things fresh.

Mirrored/Glass Doors

Now we’re getting into the really fun stuff! Many people install mirrored doors because they give the illusion of more space. The reflection also enhances the effects of lighting fixtures. If you don’t want a mirror effect, though, you can always choose glass doors.

Just remember that mirrors and glass doors can easily collect fingerprints and smudges, which you’ll need to frequently clean.

Install a New Vanity

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a vanity, that’s okay; you can have one installed! A professional bathroom remodeling company will provide you with plenty of styles, sizes, colors, and options to choose from. It can be as small or large as your bathroom can handle. Just give them a call, and they’ll give you plenty of master bathroom vanity ideas.

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