Start the Year Off with a Kitchen Remodel!


Remodeling or renovating your kitchen will help you start the new year.

Since the kitchen is still considered “the heart of the home,” families spend a lot of time there. Whether you’re ready for a comprehensive redesign or just a few aesthetic modifications to give your kitchen a fresh new look, making your kitchen more functional for you and your family can result in a happier and healthier household.

This year, update your kitchen by installing new cabinets, fixtures, a backsplash, and hardware. Take your makeover a step further if you want to. If you’re going to add more counter space and equipment like a dishwasher, think about adding a kitchen island that serves many different purposes.

When is the ideal time for a new kitchen remodel?

The most significant time of year for a new kitchen remodel is after you’ve carefully thought out your timeframe and budget. Research, purchasing, goal-setting, budgeting, and consultation with experts are necessary before a kitchen redesign begins. With the assistance of Avery Construction, go over your kitchen remodeling ideas and the entire procedure.

Any season, depending on your requirements, can be the ideal time to begin your renovations:


People typically postpone redesigning their kitchens in the winter because of the holidays. Families hosting Christmas meals should have access to a kitchen. Winter is the best season to remodel your kitchen if you plan to travel for the holidays.

Finding a kitchen contractor that can dedicate all or most of their time to your improvements may be possible, as only some people remodel their kitchens in the winter. Some contractors may provide more affordable rates throughout the winter than at other times.


Another typical time of year to have significant work done on your kitchen is the fall. You can choose your décor style during the abundant natural summer light so that you’ll be prepared to begin the process once fall arrives.

Those who want the work finished before the holiday season usually choose to do a kitchen remodel in the fall. They relish the thought of entertaining in their newly renovated kitchen and enjoy the idea of making holiday feasts with new countertops, cabinets, and appliances.


Spring may be the busiest season for kitchen contractors. Homeowners are eager to start indoor and outdoor improvements that have been patiently waiting as winter draws closer.


The best time to choose your favorites is during the summer because summer is all about long, sunny days with the sun at its highest.

The Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Kitchen

  1. You Want To Upgrade or Modernize

Modernizing your kitchen can help update the look and feel of your entire house while providing a chance for investment and energy savings.

Thinking about the types of appliances you’ll require to increase the operation of your kitchen is a fantastic place to begin if you want to modernize it.

  1. Deterioration

The kitchen could be in bad shape. Damaged tiles, peeling countertops, cupboards with broken or missing doors, and outdated appliances do not encourage fine dining or family gatherings. Simply put, an obsolete kitchen that has degraded requires remodeling. Getting rid of degradation from the ceiling to the flooring can be a big job, so consult Avery Construction.

  1. You Want To Reduce Your Energy Costs

For a new kitchen remodel, consider if there will be any environmental benefits given the rising cost of electricity. Energy savings are common in better-performing and more energy-efficient “greener” kitchens.

Skylights can utilize natural light, which lessens the demand for artificial light, while solar water heaters reduce the environmental impact of heating water. You can reduce your energy costs by using energy-efficient appliances.

Many electrical appliances come with an energy rating label that allows consumers to assess how much electricity a product uses compared to comparable products. It’s a convenient way to gauge how energy-efficient an appliance is; the more stars, the more influential the device, and the more money you could save.

  1. Return on Investment

The kitchen may provide the most significant financial rewards of all the rooms in your house to remodel. One of the most crucial rooms in the house for resale value, according to real estate experts, is the kitchen. Furthermore, according to most financial experts, new kitchen remodels are the home improvement projects with the highest return on investment.

Renovating your kitchen is perfect if you want to modernize your décor and raise your home’s value, functionality, and design. It will be entirely up to you to decide how you want to personalize the space. Another wise financial decision that significantly increases the value of your property is a kitchen makeover.

  1. Remodel the Kitchen to Suit Your Lifestyle

Kitchens should also be designed around you, rather than making you compromise your way of life. Thanks to creative kitchen remodeling ideas from Avery Construction, you may have a kitchen tailored to your unique signature style, activities, and design preferences. To create a new kitchen designed around you and your family, you can redesign your kitchen to improve the layout, the lighting, the workflow, and the simplicity of cooking, as well as to add more convenience and flexibility.

Selecting the Best Contractor for a new kitchen remodel

The kitchen contractor who passes your initial inspection should submit proposals. Provide precise details to each contractor in order to obtain accurate bids from multiple contractors for the same task. Regarding certain materials, brands, or other decisions you’ve previously made, be explicit with them. Don’t forget to include the following:

  • Kitchen budget remodel
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Cabinet designs
  • Brands and materials for countertops and floors
  • Electrical component placement
  • Acceptable hours of work
  • Timeline

Consulting about these and other home renovation suggestions.

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