How to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel Project


Ten Valuable Tips To Help You Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most fashionable home improvement projects, and with good reason. A report on spring home shoppers found that 69% of home buyers were willing to pay a higher price if the kitchen had updated appliances.

Also, an extensive kitchen renovation project has an average return on investment (ROI) of nearly 55%. A minor one (not a full scale or remodel) offers about 81% ROI. Although you may recoup the money spent, the cost to upgrade remains high. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your kitchen remodel to ensure you do this project confidently.

Let’s discuss ten cost-effective kitchen remodeling ideas for your next home improvement plan.

1. Retain the Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry can be costly, especially if you have your eye on custom designs that you must ship internationally. One way to save money on a kitchen remodel is to retain them.

  • Paint job – A classic move that always works. A fresh paint job is a perfect way to add zing to your kitchen space.
  • Go for all white cabinets for that airy feel. Alternatively, you could bring the outdoors in by painting them green.
  • Reface – Refacing is a more extensive project. Therefore, ensure you hire an experienced general contractor. It involves replacing the hinges and drawer fronts.
  • Update hardware – You may find that replacing your hardware is all you need to give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life. Add color by installing copper knobs, or matte integrated finger pulls for a minimalistic feel.
  • Shelving – Consider adding open shelving for that commercial feel.

2. Take Advantage of Annual Sales

Another way to save money on your kitchen remodel is to plan this project during sales. For instance, May is the perfect month to shop for kitchen appliances as many retailers participate in “Maytag month.” Also, you can take advantage of the last quarter of the year with the most discount offers, thanks to the holiday season and Black Friday.

3. Opt for Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

Is your heart set on new cabinetry? If so, one way to save money is to buy ready-to-assemble types. Remember, getting the perfect fit can be challenging, so we recommend hiring trained home remodeling contractors to get the precise measurements.

4. Choose the Right Countertops

Trying to save money on a kitchen remodel? Consider durability more than the aesthetic aspect. For instance, marble may not be the best choice if you want durable countertops. Instead, go for granite or stone countertops as they are cheaper and have a longer lifespan.

Additionally, if you wish to save on fabrication labor costs, butcher block countertops are the ideal option.

5. Experiment with the Backsplash

Tiles make for outstanding backsplashes. However, this does not mean that you should only stick to them. Other aesthetically pleasing alternatives like paint and beadboard are more inexpensive and will give your kitchen space that much-needed facelift.

6. Retain your Existing Kitchen Layout

Restructuring your kitchen layout will, without a doubt, dramatically raise your remodel budget. Works such as moving plumbing for the sink require installing pipes, and since this is not a DIY job, you will need to hire trained plumbers. So. to save money on a kitchen remodel, it’s best to retain your flooring.

7. Identify a Splurge Item

Home improvements require the perfect balance between splurging and cost-saving. So, even though you are on a budget, this doesn’t mean denying yourself a few luxuries. One feature to consider splurging on are light fixtures. Lighting has a significant impact on not only the functioning of your kitchen space but also the ambiance.

Another area we recommend splurging on is additional windows. Natural light is the best way to add warmth to your kitchen space. Another feature to consider is ventilation.

Nothing is worse than a stuffy kitchen with all kinds of odors. If your kitchen has room for an exhaust fan, then this is something we recommend installing.

8. Opt for Floor Model Kitchen Appliances

If your remodeling project does not coincide with “Maytag” or Black Friday, you may want to consider purchasing items on the dent-and-scuff aisle to save up big time. Opt for items with minor imperfections.

9. Stay Away from Trends

Now we are not against seeking inspiration from trends. However, it’s best to evaluate whether these designs are durable. Otherwise, you will spend more money on a makeover a year after your major renovation project. Working with an experienced interior designer for their expert opinion is best.

10. Budget

As a homeowner, the best way to ensure you stick to your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t break the bank is by drafting an intricate budget and keeping to it. Be sure to include incidental costs. Also, saving up and scheduling your project later would be wise if you are intent on a specific theme or design.

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