A Few Kitchen Upgrades Recommended by Kitchen Remodel Contractors


What are a few kitchen upgrades recommended by professional contractors?

There are few home improvement projects that are more exciting than remodeling your kitchen. With so many different choices of style, appliances, lighting, and other features, the sky is basically the limit. Our kitchen remodel contractors love working with homeowners, whether they’re completely redesigning their kitchen or simply adding a few essential items. To give you an idea of what’s available for modern kitchens, here are some of our favorite upgrades:

Refresh the Cabinets

One of the most common kitchen remodeling projects is the installation of custom cabinets. There are thousands of combinations of styles, colors, and features that will instantly improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. If you can’t afford to buy brand new cabinets, you always have the option of upgrading your existing ones.

Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

Install a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have become all the rage in recent years. There are many different types to choose from, so you can match it up to basically any kitchen design. Some homeowners want to simply add more space, while others prefer a more advanced kitchen island with additional storage, appliances, USB charging stations, etc. If you don’t have a lot of room, you may want to opt for a portable unit.

Create More Storage

You can never have too much storage space. This is a simple upgrade, yet an extremely useful one. If you’re completely remodeling your kitchen with the help of kitchen remodel contractors, then you should definitely think about how much storage space you’d like to have once it’s complete. For those of you who are looking for a smaller project based only on adding more storage, installing a pantry is a wonderful idea.

Add New Appliances

Upgrading your appliances is an absolute must when it comes to a kitchen remodel. If you’re searching for a modern look, we suggest that you go with stainless steel appliances. You should also choose top-of-the-line, energy-efficient models that have advanced features.

For example, you can choose a refrigerator that allows you to see inside without opening the door. Or you may want to install an oven that you can monitor from your smartphone.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

An easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to replace the lighting fixtures. In addition to the lights above, you can also add under-cabinet lighting to illuminate darker spots along the counter. While you want to avoid washing out the kitchen’s colors, the more lights you have, the better. We’d also suggest LED lighting to save energy and money.

Upgrade the Pantry

If you already have a pantry, but still need more space, then you might consider upgrading it a bit. When remodeling, you can improve the pantry with custom shelves, lighting, and labels that give you more room and make everything easily accessible. Homeowners tend to leave this off of their remodeling list since the pantry isn’t immediately visible. But that’s a mistake, in our opinion.

Install a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a great way to enhance your kitchen as a one-off or as part of a complete remodel. Backsplashes will instantly improve the appearance of your kitchen, but that’s only one of their functions. They also protect the walls, countertops, and area behind the stove. Subway tile is one of the most popular types of backsplash, but many of today’s homeowners also opt for bold patterns, mirrors, etc.

Replace the Faucet

During your remodel, it’s important that you don’t skip over the faucet. Switching out your old kitchen faucet for something much fancier will make the sink look new again and can be matched to other kitchen items that you’re repainting or rebuilding. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s an easy way to give your kitchen an added bit of flair.

Two Words: Multipurpose Zone

This increasingly popular kitchen upgrade is as stylish as it is simple. What you’re basically doing is taking a small area and turning it into something functional and maybe even un-kitchen like. You can transform it into a small breakfast nook to help you enjoy the morning in a relaxed setting, or add a desk and turn it into a workspace. Install a USB charging station for your mobile devices, and you’ve really got something special.

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